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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To Continue the Bird Theme

This is "Chub" (named by Clara), the mourning dove who hangs out on our deck by the feeder. Often for an hour or more both in the morning and late afternoon. So cute!! And before anyone asks, yes that is a Christmas tree on the deck.

Here is "Woody" (very original, I know). I couldn't believe it when he started feeding at the suet feeder. We saw him almost daily for about a week. I hope he comes back - he was amazing to watch.

We also get a lot of nuthatches and some chickadees. And two very furry, very funny squirrels (one grey, one black).

Feed the Birds

We went for a walk at a nature trail yesterday. This is Corwin and Clara's favourite thing to do (mine, too, for that matter!):

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Note To Self

Step away from the DS!!!!! Stop playing the Alvin and the Chipmunks music game. It is not yours, Canada!!!!

. . . . . . but the kids are in beeeeeeddddd . . . . the siren call of the DS lures meeeeeee . . . . . .

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post-Christmas Post

So I survived concert season. My anticipated cold arrived ahead of schedule, which meant that it was pretty much gone by the first orchestra rehearsal, and totally gone for the concerts. Awesome!!! It really wasn't anything major, would have just interfered with singing. This also meant that my recital with AVT was not impeded by vocal issues. Big breakthrough was that for the psalm on Dec 14, as well as the recital on the 22nd, I didn't shake. At all! I'm not complaining, that's for sure!

Christmas Eve was hectic, with the family service at 4pm, then dinner here, and I went back for the midnight service (so called because we get out at midnight). Bugle Boy picked me up, and let me say that it was lovely to not have to drive. I was totally exhausted, and had gotten almost all the wrapping done (happily, Santa doesn't wrap when he delivers here, only sets stuff up. And now that Corwin and Clara are 8, there's a LOT less assembly required - YAY!!), plus had baked cookies that morning since all the other Christmas baking had been consumed and we needed something to put out for Santa. Kids were in bed before I headed back to church, but my throat was feeling a bit sore, starting during the kids service. You all know where this is going, right?

Christmas Day dawns, throat is feeling okay, my parents drove over once the kids woke up, and we waited to go down to the Santa tree in the basement. The kids had a fabulous time - they each got a DS, Corwin got his rock polisher (OMG, could that thing be ANY louder?!?!), and Clara got clothes from the bear place (gotta love the discount). They got books, and the Kung Fu Panda DVD, and Corwin got Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD with a little stuffed Alvin (HUGE hit with the toy - he had just asked for the movie). Clara got a ton of craft stuff, and a bag in which to organize it. All in all, Santa was very generous. Then we came upstairs to the "to each other" tree, and unwrapped. They each got a lot of clothes, I got new iPod speakers , and Hubby got a polar fleece pullover and a down vest. We gave my parents a heated mattress pad, and they were pretty surprised and very happy. We had breakfast, and then my parents headed home for a bit. I got some stuff organized, the kids played on their DS's, and we headed to Kat's house for a visit with her, and the parents-in-law before heading to Kit's house for dinner. At Kat's I could not get warm. I was actually shivering. I had no snacks, and had orange juice instead of wine or beer (I think this was the first clue to Hubby that I might have been sick, LOL). I warmed up at Kit's by standing in front of the oven for a bit, and then I had some tea. I had already popped quite a few Advil that day, and I took some more before dinner. I managed to eat a bit of everything, but it wasn't easy. I think the Advil kicked in by dessert, so I had some pumpkin pie (and it was smooth). It was a lovely evening, I just felt like crap. We got to leave first (thank God for kids!!), and we got them bathed and they wanted to watch some of Alvin. Hubby had a shower while we watched . . . or rather, they watched and I fell asleep. We got them into bed by 9, and I went directly to bed. It was a horrible night - I was up and down at least every hour, I actually had to soak in the tub for a bit to warm up again somewhere around midnight, and I was involuntarily moaning. Out loud. Yikes!

I went to the clinic on Boxing Day, after calling in to the bear place to see if they needed to use my on-call (a no. Also, Thank God). So at the clinic they did a strep swab. I wasn't totally convinced that it was strep - it wasn't acutely sore, and there is usually a certain sickly-sweet smell that says strep, and I didn't have that. Of course, last night was pretty crap, too. I was in bed by 9:30, but had the portable DVD played and headphones so I could watch for a bit. I listened to all of Mamma Mia, and dozed on and off. I went to sleep afterwards, but was up at 3 for more Advil and some of Bewitched. This morning, I went back to the clinic and got a prescription - which I couldn't pick up until after the play that we all went to at 2. Oh, I should mention that I called the bear place to find out my schedule for this week. Snowflake (my favourite person there - she is fun and nice, and sane!) gave me my schedule, and I told her that I couldn't work Sunday b/c I was SURE that I had strep and was just about to go to the clinic. I said I wasn't sure about Monday, but I'd call back on Sunday to let them know. She said no problem, and told me to feel better.

Well, upon out arrival home from the play (with my drugs in hand!!! And a pain-killing prescription rinse!!! Which I wonder why the first Doc didn't at least give me that!), there was a message from Snowflake. Hubby listened to it, and nearly hit the roof. Snowflake had called to give me the heads up that the Manager had called and Snowflake told her that I most likely had strep, was going back to the clinic, had covered my shift for the next day, and I might be unavailable on Monday. Manager told her that if I called in sick for Monday, I would have to provide a doctor's note. Ummm . . . not!!! I'm not A) going BACK to the bloody clinic to sit for hours and B) paying more than I earn in an hour at the bear place to get a note. Plus, according to Labour Law, it's after 3 missed shifts that you need a sick note, and it's not like it's paid sick leave. Whatever! Hubby flipped and told me that if she gives me a hard time, I should quit because the insanity there is off the charts. This could get interesting.

And now I'm off to have a bath before heading to bed. It's 8:36. I'm obviously sick - I NEVER go to bed this early!!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm a Screamer

Well, more of a yeller. When I finally win something at the church bar. I have been trying to win this set of beer glasses for weeks now. Stupid scratch cards always say Try Again. Our waitress, Sara, has been giving me two or three scratch cards every week. No luck. Last night she gave me two. The first was a Try Again. I half-heartedly scratched the other one, expecting another losing card. Instead, it said Congrats. At which point I exclaimed yelled "I won!!! Look, I WON!!!!". Yes, the whole bar knows I won a set of six (very cool) beer glasses. The Stella goblet and the Leffe glass are my favourites, but the Bass Pale Ale glass is also very nice. I will take pics when Hubby return from Chile with my camera!

*Just imagine what I'd be like if I won something big, like a trip or a lot of money. I'd like to think I'd be too shocked to say much, but I now have a bad feeling I'd be one of those incoherent, jumping screamers. How shaming.