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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Dream Property

I slow down to a crawl to gaze at this house both to and from my Wednesday morning session. What the picture doesn't show is the barn and paddock complete with chestnut horse in green New Zealand rug. I'd love to see the inside!!

Thank God It's Almost March

I have been unbelieveably lame at posting lately. Really, nothing much exciting has been happening and I've been wickedly tired. I've been commenting more on other blogs than updating my own. So, here is bullt list of what I've been up to, written in point form because I'm far too tired (and lazy) to write proper sentences.
  • working with the decorating diva. Last weekend and the weekend before. This most likely explains the extreme fatigue, because I went to bed at 5 am on the first Saturday, and had to be back at the location for 9:30 am. There were actually two events - setting up the NAC Gala, and Friday night we also had to take down a London Life event at the Westin (that was from 1 until 4:15 am). This past weekend was also a double event. One was a wedding. A very, very, very over-the-top wedding. She had 45 tables of 10-12 people, plus the head table, and the parents sat at tables in front of the head table. This bride had THREE decorating companies, which was a pain in the ass. One company installed Roman columns and a fountain. Wow. The other event was at the Museum of Civilization, and it was a gala event by Scouts Canada celebrating 100 years of scouting worldwide. That one was fun - I got to set up a summer vignette with tent and kayak and water and geese. Take down was okay on that, then we had to go to the wedding. I left at 3:15 - I was starting to be incoherent.
  • Hubby's niece from Manitoba is here for a visit. She got married last August (we didn't go - it would have been over 2 grand for the four of us to go to the middle of nowhere for a weekend). I told her that her wedding gift would be her wedding album - I'd do it all if her mom gave me the pictures. So . . . procrastinating me finished it last Tuesday, the day she arrived (have had pics since, oh, late September!). Good news? It looks awesome and she loves it.
  • Flute choir is good, but there is one section that I work on and work on and I have it, then the next time I play, I don't have it. Two bars that I would like to skip over! Damn turns and high fingerings!
  • I've seen a few movies lately. Saw Night at the Museum a second time, this time with Hubby for Valentine's Day (we went out the Saturday before, had dinner at Taj, then movie). Children of Men, which I already posted about. Because I Said So, starring Diane Keaton. I saw this with my Mom. We both thought it was hilarious. Last week, I saw Ghost Rider with V. Very entertaining, some funny lines. And tonight? Choices are: Music and Lyrics, The Number 23, Breach, or The Astronaut Farmer (this is my least fave of the options, V. wants to see it). I'll let you know what we see, and if we liked it.
  • Really, that's all I got. Sad, yes?

If anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to write about it. I'm just happy that March starts tomorrow, and it's mild and spring-like here at the moment (melt, snow, melt!!!!). Twenty-seven days until I fly out to RI! Woo hoo!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Seen at Dr Brazen Hussy's.

You Are Designer Panties
You demand the best, from head to toe.And your panties have to be pure couture, for your own luxury.Men feel like you're a worthy challenge, though you can be difficult to catch.You exude a polished, sexy vibe that tends to attract confident men.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Ten Weird Things Meme

As tagged by crse

Rules: Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names

Ten Weird Things About Canada
  1. I think you all already know this, but I tend to vacuum (albeit quickly) every day.
  2. I like peanut putter and peanut M&Ms, but I can't stand peanuts.
  3. I am completely freaked out by clawfoot bathtubs. There is no way in hell I would ever bathe in one (and every time you see one in a movie, you know someone is going to die!)
  4. In high school, I made the statement "Wouldn't it be perfect to have twins, especially a boy and a girl? You get it all over with at once". Many years later . . . hello Corwin and Clara. The moral of this story? Be careful what you wish for! (kidding!)
  5. Every time Gerhard and I sleep under the same roof, we both have really bizarre and vivid dreams.
  6. I have a weird track record for dating left handed guys. (at least 5)
  7. I like to decorate. I change my mantel display to reflect the seasons, and have more Christmas decorations than any sane person, a huge amount of fall and Hallowe'en stuff, a large tub of Easter decorations, and even a selection of Valentine's Day decor. And I think I may even branch into St Patrick's Day. This may go past weird to just plain crazy.
  8. I am kind of a neat freak, and I like the kitchen cabinets to be tidy (a losing battle with Hubby and 2 six year olds! And f**king Tupperware!!!), but my closets and my desk? Complete chaos.
  9. I have extremely eclectic taste in music. From classical to country (well, new country and it's grown on me due to my clients), from opera to the Pussycat Dolls.
  10. Shh, don't tell the kids but I like Corwin's beta fish better than Clara's. Corwin's fish just seems to be nicer. Clara's fish has attitude, and appears to be very aggressive. I'm glad he's not a piranha!

Time to tag. Ummm . . . Sidonia? SkyCat (with her sense of obligation . . . ), DaysGoBy, Maggie May, Dr Brazen Hussy, Shelibells. AND LOLA, too!!!!! (no pressure, of course)

Go forth and meme!!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Are You KIDDING???

Okay, we all know I have an unhealthy addiction to Grey's Anatomy. Since it moved from Sundays to Thursdays, I have to tape it (no TiVo) because I have choir on Thursdays. My parents got here last Thursday and only left yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to watch last week's episode. No problem, I have done the double feature viewing before, which I did this morning.

So, last week's episode . . .good thing I didn't watch it by itself and then be left hanging for a week. But the episode from last night . . . holy shit, I really wasn't expecting that. I am living in hope of some sort of dream sequence/weird "what if?" explanation. Yep, I am in denial. And they didn't even have the bloody decency to show me scenes from next week's show. They had better flippin' have a new one next week, 'cause I can't handle it. Weasley, I told you I hadn't had my "weekly weep". Well, I had a major sob-fest, complete with runny nose and now I even have a headache from crying so much. I guess I made up for last week!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ode to Women 13

Thirteen Woman That Canada Thinks Are Beautiful
(and wouldn't mind looking like any of them)
  1. Aishwarya Rai - in any role, oh my God, she's stunning.
  2. Angelina Jolie - particularly in Beyond Borders and Mr and Mrs Smith
  3. Madelaine Stowe - esp in Last of the Mohicans
  4. Rachel Weisz - classic and elegant
  5. Mia Sara - from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  6. Andie MacDowell - especially in St Elmo's Fire and Groundhog Day
  7. Salma Hayek - in anything except Frida, and even then she wasn't unattractive
  8. Sofia Milos - more CSI Miami than Caroline and the City
  9. Iman - totally unique and graceful
  10. Sandra Oh - Grey's Anatomy, Under the Tuscan Sun, Sideways.
  11. Kate Beckinsale - oh, to be able to carry off that catsuit in Underworld!
  12. Kate Walsh - she's got really sexy eyes
  13. Zoe Saldana - in Centrestage and Guess Who

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine Poem

Sent to my Valentinr from Lone Grey Squirrel. Thank you! (xoxo)

My dear effervescent friend
It is your nature to "just jump in"
Faithful and loving till the end
Your heart is always full to the brim.

Open and giving and bubbly too,
You create magic by flute and voice
Your joy of life shines through
Making you my valentine choice

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's to everyone. Enjoy some chocolate or a cinnamon heart or two (or maybe a fancy red cocktail of some sort).

And a huge thank you to everyone who sent me Valentines! You know who you are, and thanks for starting my day out so wonderfully. Especially the poem - may I post it?

A VD Quiz

"VD" meaning Valentine's Day. I wonder what kind of searches will find this site now?!
Seen at the Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel, who is also a true romantic.

Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss"

You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship.
You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you

Your flirting style: friendly and sweet

What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance

Why you're hot: you always keep the romance alive

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The One Word Wrap-Up

Well, here is the list of words that people sent to describe little old me *blush*. Gee, and "bitchy" isn't on the list, even from those who know me (although Hubby never did send me his word . . . not true, he just reminded me what it was).

  • beautiful
  • blithe
  • creative
  • dork ("in a good way")
  • effervescent (from two people)
  • flair
  • lively
  • luxurious
  • "Martha"
  • obsessive
  • outgoing
  • passionate
  • splendiferous
  • "stranger!"
  • talented
  • viridical
  • vivacious (also from two people)

All lovely words - thanks guys!! And if you really love me, you'll send me Valentines - it's really easy (and crse already has 13 in her Valentine mailbox. I know I'm not quite as cool but allow me to continue in my delusion that I am somewhat of a social butterfly! Just let me hit double digits and I'll be happy! And I promise to send you some if you get your own Valentinr)

My Valentinr - canada
Get your own valentinr

Monday, February 12, 2007

Will You Be My Valentine?

Saw this at crse's, and because I miss the little boxes you used to make in grade school. (fyi - you don't need any kind of account to send me a Valentine, just click the link, make yourself a login and password and send away!)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Alphabet Meme

As tagged by Luckybuzz.

A- Available or Single? I could be available. We'll talk. (okay, this was LB's answer, but I really, really like it. Shhh . . . let's not tell Hubby, 'kay?)
B- Best Friend? Gerhard, Valium Kid. And many very close friends that I'm not going to list.
C- Cake or Pie? Cake, if carrot with real cream cheese icing. Or cheesecake. Pie, if pumpkin. Or key lime.
D- Drink of Choice? Currently, not wine! Depends on my mood - last summer there was a whole mojito phase, and blender drinks are good, too.
E- Essential Item? something to read.
F- Favorite Color? Green.
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? The sour version of either.
H- Hometown? Define hometown. Where I was born? Westmount (basically Montreal), Quebec. Place I identify with the most? London, Ontario (end of gr 2 through grade 8, moved back in 3rd year university, got married there, my parents moved away from London the year after I got married).
I- Indulgence? Just had a music (print, not recorded) buying binge. Also, long steamy soaks in the tub.
J- January or February? February. I fucking hate January!
K- Kids and names? Twins, age six. Clara and Corwin (as they are known in the blogworld).
L- Life is incomplete without…? music, friends, family.
M- Marriage Date? May 21, 1994!
N- Number of Siblings? None - I'm an only (raise your hand if you figured that out all by yourself!!)
O- Oranges or Apples? Yes. Actually, clementines or blood oranges and McIntosh or Cortland apples.
P- Phobias/Fears? Something happening to one of the kids; dying before my kids are grown (gotta love how becoming a parent has expanded the phobia part of my life); fire (as in, the house going up in flames); hitting a deer while driving at night; hurricanes (not so much since I no longer live in FL) and tornadoes (Hurricane Andrew and tornadoes in southwestern Ontario fuel this one).
Q- Favorite Quote? will update when I can actually think of one besides "I've got red, I've got green, I'm out of purple. But I do have one last Gold Circle Coin, the condom of champions. Nothin' is getting through this sucker! . . . I'm a safety girl"
R- Reasons to smile? 39 days 'til it's officially spring, and Daylight Savings Time starts early - March 11. Oh, and I'm definitely going to my conference in Newport, RI in March!
S- Season? Autumn all the way. It's what I missed most in Miami.
T- Tag 3 people? Nancycle, Shelibells, Dr. Brazen Hussy. But no pressure.
U- Unknown Fact About Me? Well, don't you think it might be unknown for a reason?
V- Vegetable You Hate? Brussels Sprouts. Yech!! (just had the full-body shudder from thinking about them)
W-Worst Habit? Worrying. Procrastinating.
X- Xrays You’ve Had? Oh man. Dental - the usual. Then many ankle and knee and arm (luckily have only broken toes and had a hairline fracture in my foot when I ripped the crap out of my ligaments with a wicked sprained ankle)
Y- Your Favorite Foods? Sushi. Thai. Thai hot and sour soup from Lotus Garden in Miami (sadly, too far for takeout). Vietnamese. Indian. Pretty much anything that someone else has made!
Z- Zodiac? Aries (I apologize that I lack the detail LB provided in her zodiac description. If anyone would like to elaborate on mine, feel free)

Friday, February 09, 2007

At Least It Looks Warm!

Here is a link to one of PoD's video clips of his time in Sudan. It makes me laugh.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Valentine's Version

Thirteen Things Canada Can't Get Enough Of These Days

1. My flannel sheets.
2. Sleep (no, I am not pregnant, I think I am just in hibernation /winter-avoidance mode)
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Playing my flute. Really, it's becoming quite obsessive.
5. Reading. Well, this is normal for me, but I have to add it anyway.
6. Long, steamy soaks in my tub.
7. Pho (I can't do the accent, but I mean the Vietnamese vermicelli and sprout soup. With lots of hot sauce)
8. Snuggling with Jazz dog. She's been particularly loathe to get out of bed since I put the flannel sheets on!
9. Hanging out and watching movies with Hubby, cuddled up under the chenille throw in the family room.
10. My polar fleece pyjamas (which are too hot too sleep in, esp with flannel sheets, but are warm and cozy to lounge about in!)
11. My Body Shop Vanilla Spice Body Butter. Warm and spicy, and very moisturizing.
12. Hanging out with Corwin and Clara after their baths and before bed, reading or watching a movie, listening to stories about their day and hearing their giggles.
13. Ginger-Mint herbal tea with lots of honey.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The One Word Game

Okay, I got this in an e-mail, but it's kind of fun, so I thought I'd do it here, too.

In the comment section, use one word to describe me. (nothing kinky, please!!). For those of you who know me in real life, this may be easier. Or it may be more difficult. Once I have a whole bunch and all the e-mails back, I'll post a complete list (in case you actually care)

Isn't That What Children Are For?

I received the new Signals catalogue in the mail yesterday. On the front cover is a picture of this umbrella. I really like this umbrella. And since Hubby broke my Cirque du Soleil Saltimbanco umbrella, I think I should get the umbrella of my choice (since I have been too pissed off to buy a new, boring one, and I have been using said broken one for two years, and it keeps getting worse). I made a little "oh, look at the umbrella" comment, which was barely acknowledged. So . . . I showed Corwin the umbrella, and said "isn't it beautiful? And it's so spring-y, and my birthday is in the spring". Guess what I heard a minute later?
"Dad, Dad, Mom really likes this umbrella and her birthday is in the spring!".

Heh heh. Evil, I know. But effective!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Popcorn For Dinner

Gotta love movie nights with the oh-so-healthy popcorn dinner (it's one way of getting fibre). It was a girls night of sorts, just a movie (no drinks, even). We went to see Children of Men. For those who know me and my hot man list, yes I picked it (Clive Owen sits close to the top of that list). I knew that it wasn't a chick flick, and so did V., but La Patisseria and her friend Lys thought it would be more futuristc, more like The Handmaid's Tale. Having seen a snippet of the trailer, I knew it wasn't. I enjoyed it in the sense that it was gripping, and I wanted to know what happened, but not in a light-hearted way. Because, truly, it was one depressing and rather scary movie.

The whole premise is similar to The Handmaid's Tale, set in the future where fertility issues are rampant. This goes much further - the youngest person in the world is 18 years old. And Clive's character, Theo, ends up having to protect a pregnant woman, the only one in over 18 years. The Handmaid's Tale is more clinical and science fiction-like, very captivating and a good warning told in a way only Margaret Atwood can weave a tale (and the book is really awesome). Children of Men was so much more disturbing because the fertility issues are the central focus of the plot, but the state of the world overall is what seems to be the looming warning to society. Definitely not the "feel good" movie of the year, but worth watching.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Not a Bad Result

You scored as Goddess. You are a goddess. Your constantly helping people with their problems, but you never take time for you. You should try to take some alone time. Take a trip far away, where noone knows you. It will be good for you, because you deserve a break.

















Shadow Spirit




What ancient breed are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Countdown Meme

It's a countdown meme! As tagged by crse.

10 Firsts
1. First best friend: Until I was 4 - Michael, who lived behind us in Montreal. But that probably doesn't count, so either Kevin M or Kathleen Gates in Mississauga.
2. First car: My first was a used, white Hyundai Pony. My second was a new red VW Jetta.
3. First love: The Human Siren. From when I was 8-16, at camp (yes, he has a real name).
4. First vacation: I think it was England to see my great-grandparents when I was 2. That same year, I went to Bermuda as well - I don't know which came first.
5. First job: Junior counsellor at Circle R Ranch summer camp. Then at The Brass Touch, selling brass stuff (objets d'art, picture frames, planters, etc - I HATE brass after all the cleaning I had to do)
6. First piercing: ears, age 12.
7. First concert: Um, with my parents I saw Roger Whittaker and Harry Belafonte. My first without parents - Chicago, when Peter Cetera was still the lead singer. Next was Julian Lennon.
8. First record/cd bought: Record - the single She Was Only 16 by Dr Hook, with some birthday money from my grandparents. First cd was Peter Gabriel So
9. First real love: Green Eyed Boy from camp. We're still friends.
10. First screen name: Canada.

9 Latest
1. Latest alcoholic beverage: A pint of Guinness on Thursday night after choir.
2. Latest car ride: Gordon drove me home after the concert.
3. Latest movie watched: Halfway through The Guardian. Watched Employee of the Month last night.
4. Latest phone call made: to my parents tonight.
5. Latest jacuzzi bath: I don't like Jacuzzis. Now, if we're talking hot tub, where the water stays warm . . . in the spring at Amazon's.
6. Latest played cd: mix made by Beck in the car.
7. Latest time you cried: Last time I watched Grey's Anatomy, of course.
8. Latest meal: Won ton soup and eggrolls tonight.
9. Latest curse: That I put on someone? I wish I had the capability. I'm sure I swore sometime today.

8 Things You Wear (on a regular basis)
1. wedding band/engagement ring
2. underwire bra
3. thong underwear
4. black boots, or something with a heel (which I really don't need - I'm 5'8")
5. gloves
6. my purple jersey zip-front housecoat
7. anti-perspirant
8. very little that says "dry clean only"

7 Have You Ever
1. Dated one of your best friends: yes, it was my MO.
2. Been arrested: not so far, like to keep it that way.
3. Fallen in love at first sight: I don't think so. Felt a major connection at first sight - yes.
4. Been in a TV program: no, but was in a German tv commercial for a car, filmed at the Santa Monica pier.
5. Had your heart broken: yep.
6. Said you love someone without meaning it: uhhh, I think so. Trying to block certain events from my conscious mind.
7. Made a prank phone call: When I was very young and foolish.

6 Things You’ve Done Today
1. went to church/sang in choir
2. ate chili for lunch
3. got dressed in concert black
4. played in the orchestra for a performance
5. tucked Corwin and Clara in, read each a chapter
6. snuggled with Hubby and watched most of a movie

5 Favorite Things
1. Hubby, Corwin, Clara, and Jazz Dog, and my parents
2. My awesome friends (real-life and bloggy)
3. playing my flute, and also singing (but if I had to pick one . . . flute)
4. reading
5. my tub, and my flannel sheets!

4 People I Can Tell Anything
1. Valium Kid (my best friend since we were 11)
2. Gerhard
3. Weasley
4. Beck

3 Choices
1. Black or white? am I tanned? Probably black anyway.
2. Summer or winter? Both, please. With no -40 windchill, no 40 humidex, and a lovely autumn in between.
3. Chocolate or chips? Am I PMSing? Both.

2 Things to Do Before You Die
1. See both kids happily settled, with kids (if they choose). But not too soon!!
2. Go back to Australia, dive the Codhole

1 Thing You Regret
1. Not staying when Gerhard asked me to in Sept/Oct 1990.

Something you could happily do an infinite number of times(this is Luckybuzz's addition): kiss the kids and Hubby. Watch Love Actually. Laugh with friends. Many, many more.

I Did It!!

Yes, I did. I performed with the orchestra and did not screw up. Woo hoo!! It was awesome!!! I really, really hope I get asked to be the second flute again. Very weird, in that I am quite happy being the second, as opposed to everything else in life and music where I want to be first!

The first flautist was fabulous, and the first oboe was just brilliant (as always). And there was a beautiful cello part which was deep and rich, and the first and second cellos played in moving parts which wound around each other. Spectacular.

On a less happy note, I was forced to switch to the new Blogger. Grrr . . . I hate it when I get no choice about these things.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's Official

It's Groundhog Day!!! And it's official - there will be an early spring. This was forecast by Shubenacadie Sam in Nova Scotia, Wiarton Willie in Wiarton, Ontario, and Punxatawny Phil in Pennsylvania. Woo hoo!!!!

As it's snowing at the moment, I will hold off on packing away the winter gear. Corwin is not happy with this prediction - he wants to enjoy the snow for another 6 weeks. Clara wanted an early spring. Her reason? She misses wearing capri pants. What a little diva!!!

This prediction certainly came at the appropriate time to reinforce the report on global warming.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Random 13

Thirteen Things about Canada

1. Suddenly realized that I am too old to drink caffeine at night. It never used to be a problem, but lying awake at 4 am, I know that it does affect me now.
2. I am so insanely enjoying my flannel sheets that I went back to bed on Monday after the kids went to school, and pretty much stayed there for the day, napping and reading and writing session plans. Bliss.
3. We don't have a cordless phone. All landlines.
4. I totally suck at the piano. I can't read bass lines to save my life.
5. When I was pregnant, I didn't have any morning sickness. But I had a major aversion to pasta of any kind - white sauce, oil and garlic, tomato sauce - seeing it made me want to throw up. However, Oriental noodles (Pad Thai, pho, etc) were fine, the spicier the better. In the delivery room, when they were doing my sutures (c-section), my doctor said she had to go get lunch because she had another scheduled c-section. My thoughts immediately turned to food and I said "mmm, lasagne would be good!" The anesthesiologist couldn't understand why Hubby laughed so much.
6. I love ballet and ballet music. Actually, when I went into performance, my goal was not a solo career, but to be the first flautist of the National Ballet Orchestra.
7. I'm a bit of a diva, but not confident enough (yet) to really let that side of me out. Beck told me that I was certainly a diva when she heard I was singing a piece from Evita (Another Suitcase, Another Hall), but the true diva shines through with the other music book I bought - Arias for Coloratura Sopranos - it has Der Halle Roche, the Queen of the Night's aria from Mozart's The Magic Flute. I am obsessed - it is my goal (and no, I don't think I'm coloratura, but I am a soprano).
9. When I was pregnant, I was worried that I wouldn't love the kids as much as Jazz Dog. Well, I don't love Jasmine more, but I don't love the kids more, either - they are all my babies. (and one of them doesn't talk back as much as the other two!)
10. I used to be so particular about getting my hair cut at a new hairdresser, that I once took a video of a show to the new salon a week before my appointment to say I wanted the style of a certain character. My hairdresser of twelve years still chuckles about that one - obviously, she passed the test!
11. I have never smoked anything.
12. I HAVE to sleep on a particular side of the bed. (when standing and facing the head, the left).
13. I have a ridiculously good memory for all kinds of useless information. I can remember things from when I was 2, what song was playing when I danced with certain people and what I was wearing at the time, and other assorted minutiae of life. However, it really hasn't come in handy for practical purposes such as exams.

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