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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is AMAZING!!!!

I love ballet. And Swan Lake is my very favourite ballet. I have seen many companies perform this ballet. The National Ballet of Canada I have have seen many times, and I loved the Erick Bruhn choreography, but I also like the new James Kudelka version. The Royal Winnipeg is okay (but I am wickedly biased in my preference for the National in anything they do over the Royal Winnipeg). I saw the Kirov, which was phenomenal. La Scala Ballet of Milan, seen in the summer of 1986, sucked! I could not get past the fact that they were wearing romantic length tutus for a classical ballet. Classical ballet is all about the line of the leg. What the hell?!

Anyway, I just saw this clip. It is unique and cute at the beginning - 4 dancers as frogs. Nicely done. Then, the swan part. Seriously, watch all of it. It is truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Unbelievable!!!! I want them to go on tour here!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


In one of life's twisted little ironies, I got a text from PoD last night. Seems he's in town for a conference and would like to get together this evening for a drink. I can't. It's Hubby and my fourteenth anniversary. Funny.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RBOC Catch Up Post

I seem to do this frequently - blog in a consistent fashion for a while, then completely bugger off for a week or more, leading to an RBOC post to catch up. Well, this past week and a bit hiatus was courtesy of Grey's Anatomy - I finally found it online and have been catching up on the McDreamy and Meredith/George and Izzie saga. And I found Dirty Sexy Money, too, so I expect I will get nothing accomplished for the rest of this week either.

  • Firefly1234 and I had a great time at the concert, and an overall lovely weekend (with the exception of the funeral she had to attend on the Friday). She and her husband, Twain, had to stay until Monday instead of departing on Sunday as planned because their car broke down as they were arriving on Thursday and was not ready until Monday. That was fine by me. Unfortunately, Firefly1234 had a wicked cough and wasn't feeling fabulous - not surprising, as she ended up in hospital from the Tues until Fri when she got home. Turned out she had pneumonia. She's on the mend now, but not yet back at work.
  • The bear making place is still going well. The assistant manager is okay, but still not my favourite person to work with - I like both other assistants and the manager a lot better. They are easier to read and more predictable in their moods. I still find the paperwork to be ridiculous (really, rating myself on every shift is a little much)
  • Choir has been good. Annie wasn't there for Surrexit, the piece that was challenging and fun, and hasn't been to rehearsal either. I feel really bitchy about being so happy about it but . . . there you have it.
  • Corwin and Clara are very excited about camping with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts next weekend (23-25). Corwin has been planning what he's bring since February. FEBRUARY!!!
  • Yesterday morning, Corwin and Clara decided that they wanted to be called by different names. Clara decided on Lizzie (but Hermione was a close runner up!), and I thought Corwin said Kevin. When I asked him about Kevin, he responded "What Kevin? I want to be called Camping". Yeah, he's not obsessed!
  • I'm hoping to go to a movie with V this evening. It's been forever! She was away in Denver for work for two weeks, and then home to New Brunswick for her dad's 65th birthday celebration. Mmmmm, popcorn for dinner.
If I think of anything else, I'll write it down later. And now - time to watch the last 16 minutes of Grey's Anatomy before going to make some bears!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Snapshots of the Evening

Here is Elvis, ready to rock.
At this point, I was still in shock that we were sitting in the twelfth row!

Oh, yeah!!!!! I think this was during the opening song, "Bring On the Night".

During on of my all time favourite songs,
"Wrapped Around Your Finger".
Stewart Copeland's percussion set up was amazing.
The gong and the side pieces with various chimes and cymbals
rose from the floor surrounding the drum kit.

He sure knows how to work the percussion!
I loved it when he would race from the standing set to sit
and play the drums. Impressive!

Andy working a guitar riff, I think in "Message in a Bottle"

Great shot. I love the screen,
with Sting and Stewart visible in front.
I think this was "Don't Stand (So Close To Me)"



I was thrilled that they played "So Lonely", one of my faves, as well as "King of Pain". "Every Breath You Take" was an encore, as was "Next To You", their second encore. I still can't believe that I got to go, and sit where I did. What made it even more special was being there with Firefly1234. It was like being back in high school again! (not to mention the crush flashback I had during "So Lonely"! SC, I still think you're hot!)

Before I forget - all photos were taken by Firefly1234, and she was kind enough to share with me (gotta love the digital age!!)

Twelfth Row

That would be twelfth row CENTRE! Oh my God!!!! Firefly1234 scored us some primo seats. We had agreed upon a certain ticket price, and she got the tickets. She told me we were 12th row, but I thought she meant somewhere up, like 12th row in the second or third level. Because twelfth row floor tickets were not in our agreed upon price point.

Apparently happy birthday to me for the last and next 20 years!!!! The concert was amazing.

Twelfth row. Wow. Just . . . wow.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Under Arrest

Okay, not really, but tonight Firefly1234 and I are going to see The Police!!!!!! She and her hubby are driving here from the Niagara region, and she and I are going to see Elvis Costello and The Police. Talk about full circle - we were both devastated when The Police broke up when we were in grade 9. Neither of us had gotten to see them. We were happy to see Sting at Kingswood in grade 10 (I think - it was the Dream of the Blue Turtles tour), but this reunion tour? Is just making us both very happy. Even if Stewart Copeland has been quoted as saying that he will never work with Sting again once this tour wraps up. Details to follow - now I need to clean the guest bathroom!!!