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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Very appropriate, I trick-or-treated this from Clare

Your Vampire Name Is...

Violet of the Night

Happy Hallowe'en!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mistress of the Roses

That's what you can all call me now. I think I am actually sick of roses. Wait, don't let that get back to Hubby - I'll like me some roses just fine if they arrive in a bouquet for me and do not involve pins, hot glue, or mould. Baffled? Allow me to enlighten you - I was decorating on the weekend.

This weekend, the Boss-Lady had two galas to decorate. One was for the hospital foundation, and the other was the snowsuit fund. The snowsuit fund was a Hallowe'en theme, but very glitzy - silver chair covers, raised centerpieces with glass vases filled with black rocks, a haunted house vignette by the entrance that is all black with white windows and silhouettes of trees and black cats and bats, and silver-sprayed and glittered pumpkins. I saw it on Saturday when I helped with the final things after we finished at the other location, and it looked amazing.

Friday from 1:30 pm until 1:45 am, and Saturday from 8 am until 5:30 pm, I worked on the hospital foundation's Spanish themed gala. All the black chair covers that I counted and folded earlier in the week (600!!!) were for this event. There was lots of black, red, black lace, and roses. Lots and lots of roses. We put a black iron double arch at the entrance to the ballroom, and then I was assigned to fix this rose frame. Boss-Lady had ordered it a couple of months ago in preparation for this event, but when it arrived, a lot had fallen apart. It was a horrible packing job - just put in a box with absolutely no packing material to protect it. It was also poorly made - the stems of the gorgeous, very realistic, red velvet roses were dipped in glue, then stuffed into the rectangular grapevine frame. Which obviously wasn't enough to hold, since many had fallen out. It's amazing how long it took, but the rose heads were heavy, and I had to hold them in place so that they wouldn't slide down or flop over. I only burned my finger on the glue twice, which was impressive. At least it didn't blister, like one of the other women who was gluing something else - she really did a number on herself! Once I finished the frame, I was doing about five things at once. I would start something, and then Boss-Lady would assign me to do a couple of small, detail-oriented things. I almost got to do the entrance vignette with a wrought iron three-panel screen, the rose frame, some fabric, and a whole bunch of roses, but it didn't happen (she needed me to do something else, so no real decorating, but you can't always be the decor diva). The last thing I did on Friday night was to put all the centerpieces out. There were three different styles - the first was a tall wrought iron candelabra (it takes 5 votive cups); the second was a tall twisted iron pillar candle holder, but we put a flower arrangement on it. And the third was a slightly bigger flower arrangement on its own. All the arrangements were made with a base of salal leaves and leather fern, and then filled with roses - hot pink, yellow, and red. We also used a Spanish fan in each arrangement.

On Saturday, I got to fill the arrangements with extra roses, but all the pink bunches had some mould in them. Rose mould is just a soggy brown patch, but it's a pain to pick it off because the petal keeps ripping. But clients don't like to see rose mold (really, who does?). A pain in the ass for sure. And then I got to pin silk roseheads to the back of chair cover bands. Using corsage pins. One for each band. Some got completed on Friday (maybe 120?), but I got to do the rest. All I have to say is Thank God the material was black - at least the blood didn't show!! I don't know how many times I stabbed myself, but I felt like a human pincushion by the end of it! It was worth it - the ballroom looked spectacular. And the biggest bonus? I got out of take-down, so I was in pajamas by 9, and in bed by 11:30. Sweet!!!

I would have done take-down for a couple of hours (until 3 am), but I was getting more and more stressed about today. The whole rehearsal in the afternoon, and playing my flute for one (very easy) piece, but not being able to return the loaner and get MY flute until after church, and not being able to practice on my instrument had me running on nerves and adrenalin with an undercurrent of acid-stomach nausea. (*I do wonder if this was part of how I stayed thin in undergrad. Points to ponder, and with three more stressful concerts coming up, maybe I can drop a few by Christmas!!).

Right after church, Beck walked over with me to get my flute. Huge thanks again, since I would have taken the very long way. And when we came back, I wanted to sneak off somewhere just to try my stunningly clean and shiny flute. Finally, I ducked into the nursery, and played a bit. Wow, much improvement in tone, and the keys all move more smoothly (and the acoustics in the nursery are pretty good - new discoveries!). Then it was time for the rehearsal, and my piece was up first. Gordon didn't even let me tune, and we launched in. It went okay, I did get lost at the end and my tone can improve some more, but I'll just have to be to the side - at a couple of ritard. spots, I couldn't see the beat when he was conducting. The most important thing is that I did it, I didn't faint/throw up/completely screw up, and I even got a round of applause (love my choir people!). And I'm sure that Gordon did it first because he knew I'd be useless for the rest of the rehearsal if I was all nervous and freaked out about playing. The rest of the rehearsal was fine, too (except one piece, but I saw it on Thursday for the first time, so I just need to take a look at it myself).

Came home to Hubby scooping pumpkins. Gotta love him - he HATES the scooping part. I love it, but he knows that my time will be limited tomorrow because I have a ton of stuff to do. Part of that will be carving - woo hoo!! And right now, it's so insanely windy that it sounds haunted. I keep checking out the window to make sure it isn't a blizzard, since we had a dusting of snow this morning. SNOW! Before Hallowe'en. That's just wrong (oh, and not before Beck's birthday, either). Hopefully, I won't be shoveling tomorrow!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Double Meme Day

Since I'll be decorating all weekend, and/or stressing about my rehearsal on Sunday, here are two memes. The first from the always entertaining crse, and the second from my dear friend Nancycle. Enjoy. Oh, and tag, you're it . . . if you're playing!

Nine Weird Things About Me Meme
1. I am always reading. Really. On planes, trains, in automobiles (if I'm not driving), in the tub, while brushing my teeth, while I watch tv, eating by myself . . . I even used to get in trouble when I was about 10 because my Mom didn't think that reading and drying the dishes combined well.
2. I have a huge fear of hitting a deer while driving at night. Higher than the average person's fear, I'd say. Not because I'm ultra-worried about damaging my car (though it would suck, repairs always do), but because I will be absolutely traumatized about hurting the deer. I end up in tears when I see the ones that didn't cross safely.
3. I used to walk on my tiptoes. For years. Not because I was a ballerina, but because my tendons didn't stretch as fast as my legs grew, and it was more comfortable.
4. A new discovery - I veer toward minor keys. Yes, I do revel in melancholy music, but this is weird. Unless I am accompanied while warming up with scales, I naturally sing minor. What this says about me, I have not quite decided. And yes, it's fairly uncommon.
5. I can listen to the same song on repeat one for hours (much to the chagrin of Hubby and all former roommates). If I like it, I like it a lot!
6. In high school, I apparently said "wouldn't it be perfect to have twins, especially a boy and a girl so you can get it all over with at once?" I didn't remember saying this until I was pregnant with twins, and some friends reminded me. Be careful what you wish for!
7. In the same vein, I saw the house we now live in as a model home. We had moved into our first house in Jan of 1997, and I went house-hunting with a friend in Sept of that year. I went home and told Hubby I'd found our next house. I told him that when it was done being a model home, people would buy it and when they moved, we'd buy it. Totally forgot about this, and then we had twins. Our two bedroom wasn't going to work for long, and we were out on a walk in October of 2001 and saw an open house sign for this house. Again, be careful what you wish for (this house is now known as the Money Pit!)
8. I don't like peanuts, but I love peanut butter (creamy, not crunchy). Oh, and peanut M&Ms.
9. I love filling out forms and doing surveys. Weird, but true. Whenever census happens, I always hope for the long form (haven't gotten it yet!). I also really, really want to be called for jury duty.

Here I Am Looooooove Me Meme
Explain what ended your last relationship? Well, it's been awhile (married 12 years!), but broke up with high school borfriend because I met Hubby. And when Hubby and I agreed to date other people (when I was going to grad school), I broke up with him for dive shop guy, but then broke up with dive shop guy, too. And obviously got back together with Hubby.

When was the last time you shaved? Yesterday.

What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.? Making breakfast for the kids/making lunches for the kids/trying not to strangle Clara as she was being a little snot.

What were you doing 15 minutes ago? Finally having coffee!!!!!

Are you any good at math? Some. But I don't like it. And don't give me the "math and music are closely related" line. There is no trigonometry in music!!

Your prom night, what do you remember about it? Well, grade 12 I went with two guys, both friends. And I had a white full-skirted/tight bodice dress. And since we were in downtown Toronto, and there are subway grates, I did the Marilyn Monroe thing at about 2 am. The first try? Dress went over my head!! Second, S.M. got pics. Very cool. Grade 13, we had moved to another city, and Western BF and I stayed at a hotel. Of course, my parents thought I was staying at Francis's house (so did Rachel's parents, for that matter!). Someone pulled the fire alarm toward the end of the dance, so that's when Western BF and I left. Of the two, grade 12 was more fun (and I had way more friends there!)

Do you have any famous ancestors? Apparently can be traced on my Mom's side to the first watchmaker in England.

Have you had to take a loan out for school? Nope. Gotta love the Bank of Dad.

Do you know the words to the song on your MySpace profile? Do I have a MySpace profile?

Last thing received in the mail? A lovely thank you note from Peaches and Petunia.

How many different beverages have you had today? Coffee. Oh, and water.

Do you ever leave messages on people’s answering machine? Yes. Of course. But I prefer voicemail where I can press # and skip the outgoing message

Who did you lose your CONCERT virginity to? Chicago - with Peter Cetera. Went with one of my two grade 12 grad dates. Had laryngitis, so I didn't really get to sing.

Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach? Not so much my name, but I doodle. And bury my feet.

What’s the most painful dental procedure you’ve had? The only one beyond cleaning was my wisdom teeth removal. Horrible. I woke up during, they had to saw the bottom two in quarters because they were so impacted, I hemhorraged, and Tylenol 3 does NOTHING for me (ended up with Percocet after that - it was very effective). Oh, and I had a dry socket. Not too sure exactly what that is, but it was fucking painful, and involved a needle of novacaine being injected right into the painful spot before he could fix it. My first, and hopefully last, experience with freezing. I was shaking, with tears rolling down my face in the dentist's chair.

What is out your back door? Deck with a pergola that's covered in engleman ivy vines and some wisteria, steps down to (the future patio) grass, and gardens in the back. A fence. And some trees - a ginkgo, a horsechestnut, a black walnut, a mountain ash, a serviceberry shrub, some sumac, and a sargent crabapple.

Any plans for Friday night? Working. Decorating for either the Spanish Gala or the Snowsuit Fund Gala, both of which are tomorrow. I start at 1 pm, and we will work until we're done (1 am? 2 am? midnight? who knows)

Do you like what the ocean does to your hair? Yes, except for the sand. Which is why I often use Big from LUSH, which has salt in it for volume and shine, without the sand (and it smells pretty, too)

Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different popcorns? Yes.

Have you ever been to a planetarium? Oh my God, I LOVE the Planetarium!! I was so bummed when they closed the one at the ROM in Toronto. After I quit my internship from hell, I spent a lot of time there. It's very peaceful (I used to go before my depressed state, too)

Do you re-use towels after you shower? Yup. One for my hair and one for my body. (just like Nancycle said)

Some things you are excited about? The choir tour. My trip to conference in Kansas City (5 days!!! No kids!!! No husband!!! Long uninterrupted bubble baths, room service, and doing my nails!). Getting my flute back on Sunday (which is almost cancelled out by the nerves of playing it on Sunday afternoon)

What is your favorite flavor of JELL-O? whatever has vodka in it - JELL-O shots are really the only JELL-O I consume, and it's been a long time since I've done that.

Describe your keychain(s)? I have the remote keyfob one that comes with the vehicle, and I have a green metallic alligator that is also a bottle opener.

Where do you keep your change? In my change purse that has a keyring on it, that I keep clipped to the clip in my purse. Or, in the bottom of whatever purse I'm using, floating around loose.

When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people? I try to avoid this at all costs. Closest was probably doing a reading in church several years ago.

What kind of winter coat do you own? Black leather jacket, beautiful faux shearling, red Columbia for sport-y things and playing.

What was the weather like on your graduation day? Undergrad - cold and windy - and it was May!!!! Master's - I was in Miami, so hot and sunny.

Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed? Open. Need to hear the kids. However, I still have a baby gate closed at the top of the stairs, so I can hear them if they try to go downstairs without me (and I figure that any intruders will crash into it and alert me, too)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do You Smell That?

Thirteen Scents That Trigger Specific Memories For Canada

1. Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lotion - reminds me of my trip to Australia in May of 1989. The clerk recommended it for use after swimming a lot, and being in the sun. I had never tried it before, and I used it the whole time I was there. Now, whenever I smell it, it makes me think of Australia.
2. Dove soap and some fresh-smelling deoderant - makes me think of Hubby, esp dancing with him at the "We Survived Initiation" party in first year. Our first dance. And sitting with him the next night on the stairs in my residence with a couple of other people. He still uses Dove.
3. Olay Daily Renewal Body Wash in Calm - reminds me of Corwin and Clara's first days. It was the body wash I took to the hospital, because it has moisturizer in it, and I knew I was having a C-section, and thought it would just be easier (plus less to pack).
4. Fresh Hay - totally reminds me of camp. Feeding the horses early in the morning, when you'd be chilly at the start, and dying of heat by the end.
5. Aveda Bliss Chakra VII shower gel and body spray - The World Congress of Music Theraapy in Oxford, UK in 2002. And then meeting up with Gerhard and driving around, staying in old mills and castles built in 1100. Sadly, it has been discontinued, so I have the pretty much empty shower gel that I can just smell from time to time.
6. The first hint of spring in the air, when the snow is mostly gone, and it starts to smell earthy, not yucky - makes me think of Florida, and visiting my grandparents near Daytona when I was 8? 9? Combine with the sound of a mourning dove and you have it bang on.
7. Dunhill cologne by Alfred Dunhill - PoD. Christmas Ball, 1989.
8. Freesias, esp the spicy scent of the purple and the white - Quincy Market, Boston. Band trip in 1985.
9. Polo by Ralph Lauren - Hoss in high school. It was his signature scent. You could tell if he'd been in the stairwell recently, because the Polo would linger. The poor trumpet section!
10. Bath and Bodyworks Juniper Breeze - The conference in Cleveland. Staying with Bert in the rockin' amazing suite we scored (a crystal chandelier and dining room table!!! A wet bar!!!). The Juniper Breeze products were the hotel shampoo and lotion and soap. Nice!
11. The smell of neoprene, especially wet neoprene - working at the dive shop, and all the fun I had those two summers. (1990 and 1991)
12. Johnson's Baby Wash and Lotion - Corwin and Clara when they were little. I bet every parent has these sort of memories.
13. oil-based paint - the first party my roommate and I had in our apartment after we painted, the Friday of the first week of classes of third year, 1989. Add the smell of gin and tonic with lime, and there was my evening in a nutshell!

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Well, it was merlot, not schnapps. Oh, and some beer, too. Ah, the art of the drunk blog. Tonight, Weasley and The Guy, now to be known as Olivier, came over to watch the rest of Angels in America (we watched the first half last Monday). The movie was good, and so was the company. Hubby hadn't seen the first half, so he got some stuff that he wanted to do accomplished, and went to bed early. I provided the snacks - tzatziki, baba ghanouj, and hot cheddar and bacon dip, with flatbread, pita, and baguette. I also had a bottle of wine, but Olivier brought a nicer one, so we opened it. Delightful. The three of us crammed onto the futon couch in our basement (sadly, not chilly enough for the fireplace), and I got to be in the middle this time. Very nice. The movie/miniseries was good - sad at times, but brilliant acting. I got teary at one point, but it made me think of my friend Golden Boy, who died of AIDS. Weasley teared up a bit at the end. Meryl Streep is just amazing - is there anything she can't do? Happily, I resisted my entirely inappropriate urge to kiss Olivier. It must've been the wine, right? Though he kissed me goodbye. Also the wine (but he switched to diet coke with lime after a glass, since he was the driver. He's just polite). I think it's that he's so gentlemanly, and I can be such a sucker for chivalry (ahem, Gerhard). An example - I took the dog out when the guys were leaving, and he waited until I was inside, with the door shut, before driving away. Lately, Hubby doesn't even wait until I have my seatbelt buckled before pulling out. Oh well, time to ponder my Thursday Thirteen.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Sometimes when you think it's not me, it's you . . . it really is!!! In this case, it's not me, it's the loaner flute. Our flute quartet conductor has a loaner from Pascal as well - and she got hers first (on Saturday). Well, as I arrived today in a very panicked state, and told her that I had this other flute, she said "don't you just love it? I like my loaner better", to which I exploded "I HATE this flute!". So she gave me hers to try, and took mine. The moment she put it to her lips and blew, a look crossed her face and she said "oh, this is horrible!" Something is definitely off. So I played her loaner for our rehearsal.

And I really, really liked it.

But not as much as the out-of-my-price-range one I held on Sunday.

Damn, why did I do that?

In Other News

As in, not flute related. Still music, though.

Handel's Messiah, the masterclass. In which I am singing an aria. The date has been set, the venue booked. And apparently the media will be contacted, as this is open to the public. Huh? Masterclass equals performance. Wow. I thought it would be open to the other students of Awesome Voice Teacher (AVT), and the families/friends of those singing. I have been mistaken many, many times before, and it looks like I am wrong again. But wrong, with a whole heaping pile of nerves and nausea about performing (high A!! SOLO!!) is less fun than it sounds.

Gotta go to my session. And then it's off to flute quartet with the ridiculous loaner on which I have no low register. Fabulous.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Little Epiphanies

It's amazing what sort of revelations your mind will let you make while attending a performance by three flautists, piano, and bassoon. The pianist and bassonist were phenomenal players, and the flautists . . . let's just say that brilliant doesn't entirely sum it up. Joanna G'froerer is a bit of a prodigy. She became the first flute of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at the age of 20. She has been with the National Arts Centre Orchestra (NACO) for the past twelve years. Robert Langevin is an extremely accomplished player who has toured extensively. I still can't get over how he can play with that mustache, though! (he kind of resembles a walrus). And Camille Churchfield. Wow. Just wow. You never see her breathe, you don't hear her breath, her tone is perfection, her vibrato never too much. Absolutely amazing.

While sitting and enjoying this performance, I had a thought pop into my head - who was my flute teacher? The friend (from flute quartet) that came with me has had the same teacher for her entire playing career. And many others have had one or two, but most people stay with a good teacher. A move often forces the search for a new teacher, which was the case for me more than once. I started with Susan, who was lovely, and patient, yet expected a lot of work. Perfect for learning, to build confidence. When my family moved, I found a new teacher. Not good, not patient, not knowledgeable enough. The search resumed and I found Paul, with whom I studied for about two and a half years. In addition to Paul, I also had music at school, and Mr Gillespie was wonderful, too. Then we moved again. I lucked out with the teacher - Jean-Guy Brault, who was the second flautist of the NACO for many, many years. He challenged me, and made me a better player, before I went off to university.

In first year, I had a fabulous teacher. He picked up where Jean-Guy had left off, and continued to help me develop. Unfortunately, due to departmental politics, they had to cut a teaching position, and Richard was the one let go. In second year, I had Andy. Unquestionably the worst teacher I have ever, EVER had! I had English right after my lesson, and I always felt bad for Johnny Rotten, the friend who was in class with me. He never knew if I would be in a viciously angry, ready to punch something mood, or whether I would be alternating between weeping and swearing. (incidentally, Andy was primarily the Jazz saxophone teacher, and it pissed me off to no end that he kept calling my flute a horn. A horn!!!). Thankfully, at the end of the year, Andy was "invited" to leave - I was not the only one who had some major issues with him. Third year saw the arrival of Greg. He was lovely, but tough, and by Christmas he told me that technically he could not teach me any more, that for artistry I needed a teacher who was primarily a flute player. At that point, the university agreed to hire his wife, Jenny, in a part-time capacity. She was a beautiful player, and very helpful in building my repertoire and adding nuance. And there was a bit of continuity - I had her for fourth year as well.
Overall, I have had good teachers. I was smart enough to realize that I needed a change from the first not-so-good one, even at fourteen years of age. Unfortunately, I had no choice with Andy. That was confidence shattering from September through April. And considering that I was already struggling with performance anxiety, it's really no wonder that I changed my direction. Even changing teachers so frequently probably didn't help. Everyone has their own approach to different pieces. Richard was very respectful of my notes on the page. I had started to work on Mozart's Concerto in G with Jean-Guy, and Richard honoured the dynamics and inflection that I had written in. He did expand upon it, and over time, I think we made some changes. The following year, Andy changed everything. All the dynamics, all the expression. I was very resentful of that, especially considering that he had never heard of the NACO. (a horn indeed!!! Idiot).

All of this came to me as I listened to Hungarian Phantasy (Franz and Karl Doppler), played by Joanna and Camille. And it made me a bit sad. I could have been more like that, I used to be really, really good. I'm not claiming to have been anywhere near as good as they are, but maybe I could have been. I am happy that I'm playing again. Happier than I've been in a long time, not that I thought I was unhappy. I guess I didn't realize quite how much I missed music in my life. As in reading music and challenging myself, learning new pieces (as opposed to music therapy, which I do all the time, but where the music is the vehicle through which other things are accomplished). Now I have flute again, and I'm working on voice, and I feel whole.

Incidentally, at the intermission on Saturday I saw the flautist who played the first part at our spring concert, the concert when I was unable to sing at the beginning because I was all choked up. I actually went over and talked to her, introduced myself, and thanked her for motivating me to play again. She's lovely, just a very sweet person. She also owns the music store - as in sheet music - where I try not to go in without a set shopping list. Of course, even with a list, I tend to browse. Handel's Messiah? $15.95. My grand total? $68.50!

The flute fair, including the concert, was a great event. Looking at new flutes (not trying/playing! But WHY did I hold it? WHY??? Now I'm obsessed!) was fun. I also got a stand for my flute, some powdered papers (to remove moisture from the pads), and a wooden cleaning rod (I've been meaning to get one for, oh, 20 years!). And I gave my flute to Pascal to fix. I'm feeling a little stressed about that. Because my flute is in Montreal, and I am not. I'll get it back on Sunday, and he gave me a loaner. Well, I am not in love with the loaner. It's a nice instrument, comparable to mine, but I HATE the embouchure (lip plate). The upper register, and the mid-register are fine, but low E, D, and C are non-existent. It's not me, I can play them on my flute, and even on my old, really crappy flute. And I have flute quartet tomorrow. Nothing like a little stress to encourage more practicing. And then having the frustration of not being able to play those notes. Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Touch

Oh, but I did. And I really, really, REALLY shouldn't have. I didn't play with it, just held it, but now I want more.

Wanna see it?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Excited and Nervous

Tonight at choir, Gordon asked me to play my flute in a piece we are performing on the choir tour in November. I am insanely excited, and some nerves are creeping in, but I've been goofing around with this part and it's not difficult (technique-wise, anyway). Time to do those tone excercises a lot between now and next Sunday's rehearsal!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I am heading to the passport office. Mine expired last week. Fuck. I hate the passport office. I hate waiting in line. I hate the stress involved in making sure, triple and quadruple checking that I have all my documentation. I really hate my mug shots. (don't smile, don't frown, teeth can't be showing, no shadows on face, can't wear white, etc). I have my guarantor's signature on my photo and my form. I have my two references. All three have known me at least 2 years (4, 12, and 17, actually). I have my birth certificate (original only). I have my photo driver's license. I have my photo health card. And I have my marriage certificate. Yes, after twelve fucking years, and getting all my stuff changed back then, and no longer needing it, now I have to have my marriage certificate. Because I didn't have my birth certificate changed to my married name. Who does that? I wasn't born with these extra 5 letters and hyphen, and I'm not adding them. It's just stupid. Oh, and my $87. Quite the price jump from 2001, when it was $65. Price gougers!!! Ugh! I'm off.

Sorry for the rant, but this year I have also had to renew my driver's license (photo, too), and health card (had to go downtown). They don't make things convenient, do they?

Ode to Weasley

Thirteen Impressions of Weasley's Housewarming Party by Canada

1. Weasley lives in a very nice house that he shares with another couple, K & T.
2. K is very sweet, very pretty, and very thin.
3. T. is . . . how shall I phrase this? HOT!!! T is very, very, VERY hot!!!!
4. Weasley painted his room a gorgeous shade of mossy green. And put up a floating shelf lined with votives in glass cups that were glowing and elegant. His new Ikea duvet cover is very spiffy, and his chest of drawers is painted an antique white, and holds his collection. Weasley's room is extremely relaxing and welcoming.
5. Weasley also has a very nice, new-to-him tv that he got as a housewarming present. He got this from the married-with-a-baby gay guy, whose wife is not so happy about this other side of her husband. He seems very nice, but what an unfortunate arrangement. FYI, said man looks like he is about 15! He probably still gets id'd.
6. There is an amazing backyard and deck at this place. Secluded, stunning, and seriously an awesome place for summer parties. Can't wait!
7. Naked Grape Unoaked Chardonnay is a very palatable wine. I should know. (I only had 2 glasses over the evening since I had to drive, but I will be investing in a few bottles in the near future). And I don't usually like Chardonnay (because of the oak-y taste, apparently)
8. Weasley has some very tall friends. Harry is about 6'2" (or 3"). And LeBon is about the same, as is Art Curate (AC) from the Greek Fest/dancing night. And they are all good-looking. Weasley has good taste in men (and keeps the eye candy around for the girls, too)
9. The food was plentiful, and everything I tried was very good. Someone made this completely decadent English toffee crunch with pecans. Divine!! I need the recipe!
10. I finally got to meet a few more of Weasley's friends, women this time. I had met most of the boys, but it was nice to meet more of the female contingent, putting faces with names. It was too bad that the Chicka was unable to make it.
11. It was fun watching Weasley be the social butterfly, a role that he has no problem slipping on. It's just his sparkling, lovely personality.
12. The Guy (who came to GreekFest/dancing, one of Weasley's good-looking straight friends) and I were the last of Weasley's guests to leave, after we helped gather and rinse a whole slew of wineglasses. So much for an early night - it was after 2.
13. Did I mention that T was totally gorgeous?

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Our Finned Friends

The hum and gurgle aquariums can now be heard from the rooms of my children. Yes, Corwin and Clara finally got their fish. They received their tanks (2 gallon hexagon shape) for their birthday, but we waited until after Thanksgiving to get their fish. First, I had to take them to choose their gravel. Who knew that this would be such a difficult choice? Clara settled on a natural-looking beige stone that has some naturally occurring pink in it (kind of a pink quartz colour). Corwin chose the most hideous neon rocks - blue and green and pink and yellow and orange, all fluorescent colours. I almost had him convinced to get black rock with the fluorescent mixed in, but hey, it's his tank.

Once I got the tanks set up on Saturday, we let them run overnight to get the water to room temperature so they were ready for fish. On Sunday, we made the trek to Big Al's Aquarium Services. They knew ahead of time that Nemo was not available for their tank (too small, not salty enough!), and were looking for either one goldfish or a Beta and a shrimp. Once they saw the male betas, they were sold. Clara picked a beautiful maroon-bodied fish, with a maroon, purple, white and black tail. Corwin's beta is a peacock-blue/green colour, which can look more blue, green, or even purplish depending on how it is swimming. And they each got a freshwater shrimp, which are kind of freaky because they are transparent.

It was difficult for the kids to be patient when we got home. They wanted their fish to be swimming in their tanks right away, but it takes a while (float the bag for 30 min, snip the bag and add water for 15, slip in. Repeat for shrimp). Finally . . . they were in, and the naming suggestions were flying around. Ladies and gentleman, the final selections were:
Clara's beta: Poisson (that's French for fish)
Clara's shrimp: Whiskers (sounds like a cat, yes, but he does have long whiskers)
Corwin's beta: Blue Boy (from the movie "Big Fat Liar". And, according to Weasley, also a gay porn mag!)
Corwin's shrimp: Washington

One day, I will get a digital camera and post pictures. God, I hope these fish aren't floating any time soon!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do You Really Wanna Know?

Yes, yes, I took a dating test even though I'm married. No, I'm not dating. Thanks to Luckybuzz, aka "The Playstation", from whom I stole this quiz link.

The Peach
Random Gentle Love Master (RGLMf)

Playful, kind, and well-loved, you are The Peach.

For such a warm-hearted, generous person, you're surprisingly experienced in both love and sex. We credit your spontaneous side; you tend to live in the moment, and you don't get bogged down by inhibitions like most women your age. If you see something wonderful, you confidently embrace it.

Your exact opposite:
The Nymph

Deliberate Brutal Sex Dreamer
You are a fun flirt and an instant sweetheart, but our guess is you're becoming more selective about long-term love. It's getting tougher for you to become permanently attached; and a guy who's in a different place emotionally might misunderstand your early enthusiasm. You can wreck someone simply by enjoying him.

Your ideal mate is adventurous and giving, like you. But not overly intense.

DREAD: The False Messiah

CONSIDER: The Loverboy, The Playboy, or The Boy Next Door

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.

Another Good Reason To Hyphenate

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

FYI - without the hyphenated last name, there would be 136. I prefer being unique!

The End

I've been meaning to do the Charlotte's Web update. We had gotten to the last couple of chapters, and I was trying to read the end of the book to Corwin early in the day, instead of right before bed. For a whole week, we just didn't have time. Then, on Oct 2 (his birthday!), he couldn't fall asleep, and said he "needed a chapter." I tried to point out that it was late, and we could read in the morning. "No, I can't sleep without a chapter!" Okay.

I brought the book into his room, and knelt by the bed, and started a couple of paragraphs back from where we'd finished, just to refresh his memory (and to prolong the inevitable). I managed to read:

But as he was being shoved into the crate, he looked up at Charlotte
and gave her a wink. She knew he was saying good-bye in the only
way he could. And she knew her children were safe.
"Good-bye!" she whispered. Then she summoned all her
strength and waved one of her front legs at him.
I paused, and took a breath, about to read the next paragraph. And nothing came out. I smiled at Corwin, he smiled back, and I tried again. This went on for maybe a minute and a half, at which point we both started giggling, he because it was funny, and me because I couldn't talk without my voice breaking. After the laughter, I took a breath and just plowed right in:
She never moved again. Next day, as the Ferris wheel was being
taken apart and the race horses were being loaded into vans and
the entertainers were packing up their belongings and driving away in
their trailers, Charlotte died. The Fair Grounds were soon deserted. The
sheds and buildings were empty and forlorn. The infield was littered with
bottles and trash. Nobody, of the hundreds of people that had visited the
Fair, knew that a grey spider played the most important part of all.
I got all the way to the last line, which I said at a whisper, tears welling up:
No one was with her when she died.
Corwin had turned his face away at this point, and I asked, in a choked-up voice, "Are you crying?". A sniffly little "No. Are you?" was the response. And I said "Yes! I must've read this book a hundred times, and I always cry!". He turned his face towards me, glistening with a couple of tears, and said "Can I have a kleenex?". We had a little cry about Charlotte, and a big hug, then finished the book. He keeps it in his room, because it is "the best book ever." Man, I can't wait until he's ready for Harry Potter. Maybe we'll read C.S. Lewis' The Magician's Nephew next.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beautiful Autumn

This is at Circle R Ranch, the camp I've mentioned several times. Gorgeous!

Friday, October 13, 2006

In Preparation for Ghosts and Goblins

Delinquent blogger that I am, I am FINALLY getting around to the tag from crse. But I think that Thanksgiving was a pretty good excuse for my tardiness.

1. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
In high school, we used to pile into someone's family room (about 15 of us), and watch 2 horror movies every Saturday night. The scariest was the least gory, but the most supernatural, with lots of symbolism and creepy stuff. It was ever-so-lamely called The House Beside the Cemetary. Watching part of The Exorcist with my babysitter when I was nine was a bad idea (finally saw it all, and yep, it's scary, but not as bad as I remembered). Absolutely have not seen all of The Shining, because I saw the preview at the drive-in when I was little (I think I was supposed to be asleep?) of the elevator doors opening with blood gushing out in a torrent. But renting The Ring with Hubby, who then went to bed, and deciding to watch the rest by myself, was a truly bad choice. I was very involved in trying to figure it out, and there was lots of psychological-y stuff which made it interesting. And then the was the "ahhh" moment, which movies like The Sixth Sense have that explains everything, and gives some closure to the creepiness. Except this movie kept going. And there was no closure. WHAT was I thinking???!!! I had to watch an hour of Sex and the City before I could go to bed.

2. What was your favourite Halloween Costume from childhood?
Scarlett O'Hara - I made a hoop out of coathangers, and my mother took a full, fifties-style skirt and sewed three layers of crepe-paper streamers to the bottom to give length and fullness. Also, all the fairy-princess and angel and little red riding hood costumes my mom made for me.
Bonus: Favourite as an adult was in second year university when Hubby and I went as a vampire and a vampire victim (I wore a white cotton nightgown, sheer white makeup and lots of dark eye makeup, and fang marks, complete with blood trickle). Or, in third year when I went as a harem girl with bared midriff, harem pants, and a veil, so no one really knew who I was. Those were the days!

3. If you had an unlimited budget, what would your Fantasy Costume be for this Halloween?
Hmm, part of the budget would be for the personal training and possible liposuction required for these costumes, but one of the cinched-in waist, deep-neckline, cleavage-y dresses such as in the movie Amadeus. Or a real Scarlett O'Hara costume (the apple green dress she wears to the barbeque at Twelve Oaks).

4. When was the last time you went Trick Or Treating?
Well not counting taking the kids, seventh grade (just like crse, so I'm leaving her answer)

5. What's your favorite Halloween Candy?
Tootsie Rolls (only get them at Hallowe'en). And pretty much anything chocolate.

6. Tell us about a scary nightmare you had.
Being chased by someone trying to hurt me, and having to hide, and there's always lots of stairs. And a couple of years ago, I had a repetitive dream for over a month (a couple times a week) in which PoD was killed, and it was awful - I saw it over and over, and couldn't do anything to stop it. We weren't in touch at the time, so I asked Gerhard if PoD was back from Bosnia, but he hadn't heard anything. So I finally asked Gerhard for the contact (e-mail) info. A few days before I got up the nerve to send one, Gerhard called to say he'd heard from PoD, and he was physically fine, but was splitting with his wife. The break-up happened around the time of the dreams. Not the first time that a repetitive dream has meant something for me.

7. What is your Supernatural Fear?
I don't dwell on it. Because if I think about it, and have to figure out what bothers me the most, I will not sleep well at night.

8. What is your Creepy-Crawlie Fear?
Cockroaches. Centipedes/millipedes. And earwigs.

9. Tell us about a time when you saw a ghost, or heard something go Bump in the night.
Like crse, my only ghostly experience was in a dream. And my friend, who dies of AIDS when I was on my honeymoon, came to me in a dream to say he was all right, and that he just wanted to say goodbye.

10. Would you ever stay in a real Haunted House overnight?
NOT ALONE. And NOT with people who like to say jump out and say "Boo" just for fun (for them!). Actually, I'm thinking "haunted" more like Harry Potter's poltergeist, Peeves, than Amityville.

11. Are you a traditionalist (just a face) Jack O'Lantern Carver, or do you get really creative with your pumpkins?
I get the patterns and do 3 or 4 pumpkins. I like the really complicated ones, with a raven and the word "Nevermore", or a black cat balancing on a tree limb. And I LOVE scooping and scraping, the feel and smell of pumpkin. And roasted pumpkin seeds.

12. How much do you decorate your home for Halloween?
Mostly outside - pumpkins, scarecrows (3), sometime hay bales. That's before. On the night, pumpkin lights, a haunted house light, spiderwebs, lanterns, and I only have candles on.

13. What do you want on your Tombstone?
Lots of clinging, overgrown ivy. But I won't be buried under it, 'cause I'm getting cremated and scattered at Treefort at Circle R (the camp I went to from age 8-16).

Tags. Hmmm, if you're reading and playing . . . "you're it!!!"

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dubious Taste

Thirteen Songs Canada Is Currently Obsessed With

Yes, I admit it, my musical taste is varied. And not always good! FYI, the crying/driving in the rain song is in here, too

1. SexyBack (Justin Timberlake)
2. Buttons (Pussycat Dolls)
3. Aria - Queen of the Night (Mozart: Magic Flute)
4. Trip (Hedley)
5. Aria - And He Will Feed His Flock (Handel: Messiah)
6. Call Me When You're Sober (Evanescence)
7. Promiscuous (Nelly Furtado)
8. Far Away (Nickelback)
9. Devil's Party (INXS)
10. Since You've Been Gone (Theory of a Deadman)
11. Into the Mystic (Colin James)
12. Afterglow (INXS)
13. Pull Me Through (Jim Cuddy)

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sucks To Be Me!

CTV.ca News Staff

North Korea says increased U.S. pressure over the regime's reported nuclear test would be considered an act of war and threatened to retaliate with "physical" measures.

A North Korean soldier observes the south side through a pair of binoculars at the truce village of Panmunjom in the demilitarized north of Seoul, South Korea on Wednesday. (AP / Lee Jin-man)

"If the U.S. keeps pestering us and increases pressure, we will regard it as a declaration of war and will take a series of physical corresponding measures," the North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency Wednesday.

Ah yes, it sucks to be Canada (the country) when the US has pissed off the insane little North Korean , nuclear-weapon-wielding dictator.

The Highlights

Now that the mountain of laundry (six loads!!!!) from Thanksgiving weekend at the cottage are finally done (albeit, not all folded. Sheets and towels can wait), I now have time to regale everyone with tales from the woods. This is the view of the Cardinal Grand from the lakeshore. Quite stunning. Inside those huge windows is a two story open space with a floor to ceiling stone fireplace. And a loft overlooking the living room and the view. Corwin and Clara bunked in the loft. The rest of this will be in point form, 'cause I'm gonna be late for work if I don't hurry!

-There was a paddleboat, which both kids loved. Especially Corwin.

-On Saturday, we were woken VERY early by two excited children. And then we played musical beds. Corwin snuggled with Gramma and Pappy for a bit, Clara came downstairs, and Jazz dog and I got an extra hour in the loft.

-We fished off the dock in the afternoon. (well, the kids had tried in the morning, but those fake plastic worms just don't work - you need the real thing). Clara caught the first fish - a tiny rock bass. Corwin caught a decent sized sunfish. Clara caught another fish, a sunfish this time. And I caught a rock bass. All were photographed (well, not mine) and thrown back in.

-On Sunday, Hubby and Corwin paddleboated to a small island. Corwin slipped and fell in from the island. No injuries, just wet clothes (it was sunny, but a bit cool).

-Hubby insisted on taking Jazz dog in the canoe. After I told him six different ways that it was NOT a good idea, and she didn't have her lifejacket with her (she's a dalmatian, and is chest-heavy, and panics in deep water). Well, he wouldn't listen (and she was digging in and trying to stay on the dock), and once he got her in and tried to move to the back of the canoe, he flipped it, landing both of them in the water. I was pretty angry, and so was the poor dog!!. Got her dry, and a warm towel over her.

-Hubby and Clara put on bathing suits and jumped in off the dock. Then headed immediately to the hot tub!! (lunatics!)

-Corwin slipped in again off the paddleboat (he was dragging a big branch and sitting at the back).

-I caought a 5-7 pound large mouth bass on Sunday. The kids were thrilled, Clara went running up to the cottage yelling "Pappy, come quick!!! Mummy caught a HUGE fish!!!! Bring the camera!" I reeled it in, took a picture, and then carefully removed the hook and set him free.

-Canada was very, very thankful that this cottage had a dryer!!!!!!

-Much turkey and wine was consumed on Sunday. (well, wine flowed through most of the weekend)

-As fun as it was, I would rather own a cottage than rent, because you don't have to bring as much stuff (sheets, towels, toilet paper, condiments, etc , etc). So, if I win the lottery . . .

Friday, October 06, 2006


Well, since I'm going away for a whole weekend, away from any possible internet connection, I figure I should still be entertaining. So, inspired by (okay, blatantly ripped off from) the divine Luckybuzz, who in turn borrowed it from Ms Q, I give you the fill-in-the-blanks meme. About me, Canada. I swear, if there are postings about Canada, the country, I will delete my entire blog and never comment to anyone again! (Ahem, Jesse?) :)

I ____ Canada.
Canada is ____.
Canada thinks a lot about _______.
When I think of _________, I think of Canada.
If I were alone in a room with Canada, I would _______.
I think Canada should _____.
Canada needs ______.
I want to ____________Canada.
If I could describe Canada in a word: _______.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Prolific Thursday

Yes, yet another post. What can I say, I should be packing and doing laundry (well, I'm washing it, but not yet folding) because we're leaving tomorrow for Thanksgiving to this fabulous cottage (that looks nicer than my house), but procrastination is my middle name!

I'm getting my hair cut (yay!!) and coloured (hide the grey - double yay!!!) tonight before choir. So I thought I'd try to look decent, and used a gift certificate I've had for awhile to buy a new shirt. Actually got 2 - it was a buy one, get one half off. Gotta love it. My hair request to my stylist will be sexy hair (that I can manage to do - HA!!). We'll see how this turns out.

Last night, I took a cooking class. It was actually more of a demonstration (it wasn't hands on), and then we got to enjoy it as dinner. Fabulous regional Italian cuisine. We got the recipes, and I plan to be doing some cooking, especially this lentil dish. Yummy!

And if you have time, can you send some love to Nancyle at Heart First? The picture on her posting from yesterday kinda says it all.

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! And, well, have a good weekend to my friends south of the border.


Clara lost her first tooth this morning!!!! It bled a lot more than Corwin's, and there were some tears because "it feels weird!", and she really didn't like the blood (who can blame her?), but she's all gap-tooth smiles now. Looks like the Tooth Fairy will be making a visit tonight.

Pucker Up

Canada's Thirteen Most Memorable Kisses

1. The "I Do" kiss with Hubby, May 1994
2. The first kiss with Hubby on our first date, Oct 2, 1987. On the wall by the football field at university.
3. Kissing my green-eyed boy in the Treefort at Circle R, July 1985. The moon was full or close to full, and the moonlight made all the leaves look silvery.
4. Kissing Hoss in my family room when I came back from Greece in spring, 1986. I was wearing a red sweater with white writing that said "Marina Yachting".
5. The goodbye kiss from Vagelis, the guy I met in Greece in March, 1986.
6. Kissing Colin for hours in my dorm room during orientation week at university. Hmmm . . . this may have been the first hint that it was over with the boyfriend back home!
7. The first kiss with Gerhard, in my off-campus room after he helped me paint it.
8. The first of the last kisses with Gerhard, very tipsy (both of us), him swinging on the door as he tried to put his boots on as the fire alarm was going off
9. The first kiss with PoD, in my first off-campus room, Sept 1989.
10. The whole next afternoon with PoD.
11. The only kiss (what a shame!!) with my older man (I had just turned 17, he was 23 - not so bad then, but we met when I was 15, and he really like me until he found out how old I was. I wasn't getting drunk like everyone else at the party, I was sipping a glass of wine and having an intelligent conversation with him. Can I help it that I looked and acted more mature than I was?), June 1986
12. Kissing the chopper pilot (not then, but he is now) at Crow's Nest at Circle R, summer 1985
13. Kissing the boy twin on the beach of Gumby's cottage when we were on our CIT trip from Circle R, summer 1984. All the while, lightning was flashing in the distance and the reflection on the water was amazing, but we could barely even hear the thunder.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rain and Rambling

Crying while driving is not really recommended, but sometimes it just happens. Like today, when it is beautifully rainy out - not pouring, more than misty, but the leaves are all changing colours and some are on the ground. A great day for melancholy music. Until one came on the radio that hit me in the solar plexus and I welled up. Bizarre. Not that I don't cry much. I do, often. Movies, tv shows, commercials (the A&W commercial with the Grandpa burger? Hubby still teases me about that one), and books can all tug at my emotions. However, I am a fairly in control person. I don't tend to cry in front of other people, especially if it's not caused by one of the previously mentioned reasons. I get involved in the other characters' lives and cry about their woes, but not so much about mine. This morning, the music triggered it, but it was far more about me than the song.

Back in June, I cried in church. I was surprised that I more than welled up, and my nose even started running. Thank God Bumble was able to lend me a kleenex, because I could've dabbed at my eyes with the sleeve of my choir robe, but not so much the nose! I wasn't expecting to get so emotional, but the minister started talking about the forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places, and I just started thinking about PoD (who was leaving two days after that Sunday) and I lost it. I didn't realize it was something that had me so worried, especially since we hadn't been in contact from 1991-2003. However, our relationship back in university was rather complicated and entangled in flirtation (and then some), and distance, and two other guys on my part - Hubby and Gerhard (best friend, Corwin's Godfather, and with whom I also had a major flirtation). The emotional component of my relationships with PoD and Gerhard are particularly entwined. There were two time frames during which Gerhard and I were not talking, and it nearly ripped my heart out entirely. The first one I blamed on PoD, and I had a lot of resentment towards him because of it. My relationship with PoD ended at graduation, but we hadn't seen each other except in passing since before that Christmas. Oddly enough, Gerhard and I weren't talking during that period, but reconnected right before graduation.

I was able to keep up with PoD through Gerhard (they are somewhat friendly), but had no contact until I got in touch with him in 2003. A few e-mails, nice to hear from you, and that was it. The next summer, I wrote just to say hi, and we started a friendship that I hadn't realized I'd missed. I actually saw PoD in 2004, when he was in town for work. We had drinks and a lovely visit. Interestingly, I almost started crying that night, too. We were talking about Gerhard and I got all choked up. I was mortified - of all the people I wouldn't want to lose control with, PoD tops the list. Funnily, this wasn't a bad thing after all. Our friendship was on a different level after that, and we had a lot of e-mail and long distance conversations over the next few months. One thing that was a little sad - my weird dreams featuring Gerhard and PoD, and a lot of emotional upheaval and searching, disappeared after seeing PoD and talking about all the emotional stuff. I kind of miss them. But the make-out dream with my neighbour? I don't think it was my neighbour, even though it looked like him.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Little Dreamy

You Are Impressionism

You think the world is quite beautiful, especially if you look at it in new and interesting ways.
You tend to focus on color and movement in art.
For you, seeing the big picture is much more important than recording every little detail.
You can find inspiration anywhere... especially from nature.

Not exactly a surprise. I have spent hours in front of a tiny Monet in the National Gallery, and Debussy is one of my favourite composers, both to listen to and play his music. And the Seurat "L'Apres-midi dimanche . . . " painting is on my morning coffee mug.

Holy Toledo, Batman!!

Amazing, a news item actually positively affected my life. Upon reading about possible delays in the timeframe requiring Canadians to have passports to enter the US, I thought "no biggie, I've used my passport for years. I even use it for flying domestically, because it's just easier." And then I thought "hmmm, wasn't it close to expiring?" Well, it runs out in 9 days. And my conference in Kansas City is in November. Guess who's gonna be getting some lovely new mug shots, I mean passport photos, taken next week? (I'd do it sooner, but I'm getting my hair done on Thurs, so I might as well look human!)

High Maintenance

No, not me (okay, yes, me too). I'm babysitting my neighbour's youngest this morning. He's twenty-one months old. Blue eyes, white-blonde curly hair. Absolutely adorable. And thank God I can give him back at the end of the morning! This age is wonderful - kids are so inquisitive and everything fascinates them. But you tend to forget about all the extra energy you need to take care of them, supervising their every move. And I'm hoping that I don't have to change any stinky bums!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

No More Cake!!!

Happy Birthday
Corwin and Clara!!!!!!!

Six already. And Hubby and I have been together for 19 years - today is the anniversary of our first date in first year university. Man, I feel old!

Skip the Decaf

I'm fully caffeinated. Oh, no, maybe that's just how you feel on a full night's sleep. It had been awhile.

After the Gala at the NAC last Wed/Thurs (I was within spitting distance of Yo-Yo Ma! No, I didn't spit), I did manage a bit of a nap. Then I had a client, followed by choir Thursday night, and went out for a bit with Weasley and Lord Elgin afterwards. Friday was busy with errands in the morning and volunteering at the school for Early Literacy in the afternoon. Friday night, I went out with Frances for dinner (Thai food- yum!), and a play at the Kanata Theatre. It was billed as a comedy and thankfully, it was very funny (I don't think I could've stayed conscious for something slow moving or badly done). I was in bed by 11:30, a bit early for me. But as I had to be out the door at 5:50 am, a good choice.

Did I mention I'm not a morning person? Ugh, getting up when it's still dark. And cold! Cold outside, and cold in the house. It was 65 degrees when I came downstairs. I turned on the heat (I'm sure Hubby was appalled, but give me a break - I'm not waiting until I can see my breath before I light the furnace!). I walked over to the Decorating Diva's (DD from now on) and waited for her, then we headed off to the Congress Centre to decorate for the Elisabeth Bruyere Foundation's Fundraiser. It was a disco theme, so many mirrored balls and gaudy feather boas, etc, etc. I worked from 6:30 am (unloading, then unpacking, then decorating) until 6:37 pm,when I got a ride with DD's parents (yep, it's a family affair - her mom and aunts and sister and sister-in-law and cousins all work various events). I hung out with the kids, got them to bed, and started tidying for the birthday celebration the next day. At 12:30 am, I hopped in the car and drove back to the Congress Centre for takedown. I knew I would be leaving early - I figured 4 would be my max. Well, I bailed at 3. All the major stuff had been taken down, and we were just in the packing mode, but I was fading fast. I grabbed a quick shower (no hair) before crashing just before 4. Up at 7:30 for a real shower and a quick bite before heading to church. Sang, came home after the service and got the rest of my stuff organized for guests.

Weasley (bless his heart) arrived first and jumped in to help, getting dips in bowls and running up and down to get stuff from the basement fridge. Oh, did I mention that I was seriously annoyed with Hubby, or was that a given? Two reasons for that. First, in the morning before we left, he was all grumpy and snapping at the kids, and I got ticked off, too. And he told me I was being a "complete and utter grump" because I hadn't slept, and was that what he had to look forward to all day. Umm, excuse me? I'm not the one who started yelling. And secondly, I planned on setting the dining room table (meaning getting the table pads, a tablecloth, and getting the chairs all organized) and setting up the fold-up table since there were going to be 14 of us. I was going to do all this the night before, with the plan of serving appetizers on the island, and the kitchen table as the buffet. But Hubby said "Do you have your heart set on the dining room? It just seems like so much work. Why don't we just do it in the kitchen/family room. The kids can sit at the table with a few people and the rest of us can just sit on the couch or chairs." Fine, I figured that I would relinquish control (note to self - never again!), and go with his idea. Also so that he could see that it might not be a great idea in the future, bacause it would be packed and crazy. But he gets all pissy if he thinks I'm trying to be too (pick one - fancy/posh/formal), and hey, it's his family we're entertaining. So we get back from church and he says "do you want me to get the table pads?" at which point I looked at him with an incredulous glare and said "The time for that has passed. You said no. This was your choice. I would've done that last night, but we do NOT have time for it now" and proceeded to set up the kitchen.

Did everyone, especially the kids, have fun? Yes (I think so). Did everyone enjoy the food? Yes, they seemed to. Did the seating arrangements work out (kitchen table/family room)? Yes, it was fine. Was the serving/prepping/appetizer portion of the day stupid and crazy and cramped? Yes, I'd say so. Whatever, we survived. But next time I'll just set the fucking table and not consult with Hubby. It's easier that way.

Oh, and in exciting news (well, not that exciting, but I'm kind of a freak), my picture was on the front page of the Arts section of Saturday's paper. It's a group shot of DD and Laureen Harper (the Prime Minister's wife) and the rest of the decorating crew for the NAC Gala. There's a shot of the stage all set for the dinner, and a whole story about the timing of it all. Cool.