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Friday, November 30, 2007

Bye Bye November

I'm so happy that InaDWriMo is done because all of you participants? You may have been writing a lot, but not on your blogs. Come back, I beg you!!! I miss you all!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

12 Days of Christmas

Seriously, folks, I love this song. I sing it with my clients. My goal is to have a 12 days of Christmas tree and I'm currently collecting ornaments (please let me know if you see any maids a-milking ornaments!). But this version? Very amusing. In case you do not have almost 4 minutes to watch the entire video, I have listed the items for your reading enjoyment :)

Twelve dozen cookies
Eleven shoppers fighting
Ten horns a-honking
Nine broken presents
Eight bags a-missing
Seven Christmas parties
Six crazy in-laws
Five extra pounds
Four credit cards (declined!)
Three crying babies
Two missing parts
And a dried brown Christmas tree!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Countdown Is On!

Not for Christmas, the countdown until my house is mine again. Yes, my parents are living here. Yes, I love them. And yes, I feel like a total bitch saying this but . . . they are driving me crazy!!!!Here is a tiny list of stuff that is seriously getting on my nerves.

* I appreciate the fact that my mother is trying to be helpful and organized and make stuff. I understand that she wanted to get the salmon pie for Christmas Eve made and frozen. But really, is it too much to ask for her to get out of my way in the kitchen for 20 minutes in the morning while I get the kids' breakfasts made and lunches ready for school?

* My dining room table? Is now the sewing table. It's wonderful that she's making stuff for the kids for Christmas (housecoats, pajamas, etc). I just really would like to see an uncluttered dining room again.

* Holly, their sheepdog. She's adorable and snuggly and a big spaz. But it's annoying that I can't get into the closet, the powder room, or the garage when Holly is confined in the hall because she's all wet from the snow/slush/rain after her walks.

* It was lovely that my mom was helpful when I threw in laundry and headed to work. She put it in the dryer for me. But it's the dryer, that's what it's for. Instead, she puts stuff in the dryer to get it partly dry, and then I have freaking laundry hanging on racks to dry the rest of the way. It's the kids jeans, cords and t-shirts! Oh, did I mention that I don't have a laundry room? That we have a laundry closet on the second story? So the laundry racks? In my bedroom and sitting room/office.

* Having the extra leaf in the kitchen table makes the kitchen tight and cluttered.

* And my biggest stress? I don't know how on earth I'm going to decorate for Christmas!!!! There is so much stuff in the storage room that I can't easily get to the decorations, and once I do get the boxes out, I have no idea where I'm going to put them to unpack and decorate. I refer you to this. This is the guest room. But obviously, my system is not going to work this year!!!

There are many bonuses. It's awesome that they are here and I get to spend time with them. Corwin and Clara are thriilled. I've gotten treated to lunch and dinner out, plus my mom is an amazing cook. And my house? Really clean (cluttered, but clean). It's just that FIVE weeks is a long time in November/December.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey (and ToFurkey) Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all my bloggy buddies south of the border!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

What? No Room Service?

Yep, it's back to the grind, back at home where, if there was room service, I would be making and delivering it. Not quite as relaxing, but it is nice to be home.

In case anyone figured I was bedridden and hungover all day Saturday (which wouldn't have been surprising considering what I drank: Corona - 7, Jagermeister - 2, tequila - 2) , let me dispel that myth. I made it to my 8 o'clock meeting. Bert had preordered room service, which was served at 7. I managed to pry my eyelids open (though I did briefly think that sunglasses might be required!) and eat about half of my Bananas Foster pancakes (they were huge), and mainline some caffeine. After breakfast, I pulled on some jeans and a comfy shirt, attempted to make myself look awake (even makeup has its limitations), and we headed down to the meeting. I remained awake for the whole thing, and then Bert and I took a stroll to the CVS. Along the way, we stopped in this really cute shop with Kentucky stuff, and picked up some souvenirs. At CVS, I got my Gatorade (yay!), and we headed back. Bert continued to the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum while I returned to the hotel to chug my Gatorade, have a shower, and go get my book signed by the handsome Brit.

I made it down to the book place at 12:15 (he was supposed to be there at noon) and . . . no sign of him. I panicked and thought that I had missed him, but he had yet to arrive. I wandered around the exhibits and chatted with people, and finally gave up at about 1:05. Of course, just as I was about to get on the escalator going up, I saw him get off the down escalator and really felt like I was stalking him as I walked quickly to catch up. He suddenly turned and headed back and I approached him and said "You are going to the Jessica Kingsley Booth, aren't you?" and he replied in the affirmative, he just needed to get something. I headed down and waited, and was second to get my book signed (some other lady jumped right in when he got there - how rude!). This is when I told him that I was the winner of the one hour consultation with him from the silent auction. We exchanged contact info, and he said I didn't need to feel rushed, there was no expiration date. We decided that I would send him questions in the next month or so, and that we will set up the phone call in January. Big bonus? I don't have to ask research questions if I don't want to. According to him, it's my time to ask whatever I want and I know I will probably ask more autism specific questions.

After this, I was done conference-wise. Bert and I took the bus (and what an experience THAT was) to Mall St Matthews (Pottery Barn!! Bath & Bodyworks!! Williams-Sonoma!! Victoria's Secret!! Cheesecake Factory!!), and we had lunch right away. As it was about 3:30, it was more like a late lunch/early dinner. We were lucky that there was no long wait at the Cheesecake Factory. And sadly, we didn't even have cheesecake. We shopped, and I was smart enough to do the B&BW last (that stuff is heavy). It was about 6:45 when we left, and we took a cab - it just seemed safer.

I planned on going back to Howl at the Moon with JerseyGirl, but she was tired. And I was actually in pajamas when I talked to her. So . . . Bert was asleep by 9:30, and I watched Armageddon on tv, had a long soak in the tub (mmmmm, Black Raspberry Vanilla!!), packed, and was asleep by midnight. Apparently, I missed GayBoy's text that he was back at the bar and I should go meet him. Oh well . . .

Sunday was uneventful. Breakfast, another walk to CVS, and a quick visit with GayBoy before heading to the airport. I managed to get an earlier flight to Philadelphia because my connection time was tight. And then, of course, my flight home was delayed. We took off shortly after our initial arrival time. But I made it home, through customs with no problems, and my luggage arrived so all is good.

As with any time away, the return to reality is harsh when looking at the mountain of laundry. You know what I'll be doing today . . . all the while thinking wistfully of room service.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Am SOOOO Drunk!!

I went drinking at Howl at the Moon, a sing-a-long piano bar. It was fun. Bert and GayBoy came with me. We walked Bert back to the hotel and I went to the gay bar with GayBoy. We went dancing. It was fun. When we left, we walked. We were kind of lost. I took it upon myself to ask a paramedic (a cute one!!) driving an ambulance for directions. We scored a ride with the cute paramedics (yay me!!!). I am very drunk, need to go to bed -have 8 am meeting. Oh man, bad news - no gatorade. Hopefully, will be functional.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Suite? Sweet!!!

Did I mention that Bert and I have a suite? The door opens into the "parlor", complete with armchair, sofabed, coffee table, television armoire, desk and dining table (round, quite cute). Oh, and wet bar with fridge and granite top. Then there is a door to a little hallway. There is a granite-topped makeup station with large mirror, and the very spacious bathroom opens off here. Then there is another door which opens into the huge bedroom, with two queen beds, chair, and another television armoire. There is a door to the balcony off the bedroom. This door? Is the only drawback. It was wickedly windy last night (we're right on the river), and the wind was howling through the door. It was insanely drafty, and rather chilly in the room because of it. Other than that, it is fabulous!!

In other news, the silent auction just ended. If you recall my glee about the handsome and brilliant British music therapist who is presenting on Friday (tomorrow!!!!), you will understand my insane and giggly state at the moment. There was a one hour consultation with him (by phone) as a silent auction item. Well, guess who won? Yay, me!!!!!!! Except now . . . .holy shit, I'm actually going to have to think up some questions to ask him so I don't sound like a complete pratt. And the consultation? Is on research, not autism (which is his specialty). Oh man!! Time to solicit questions from my researcher music therapist friends.(Petunia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Off To The Races

Well, not quite. I am in Louisville, KY, home of the Kentucky Derby. But as it's held in May, I guess I won't be hitting the Winner's Circle this time. I made it through my seven hour institue today (NO BREAK from 8 until 12. That's just mean). Bert arrived this evening, and had a meeting right away. Then we met up with Petunia and her coworker and went out for drinks. Well, I had dinner - sushi - (everyone else had eaten earlier), as well as a couple of drinks. I have another course tomorrow - only 5 hours, and only starting at 1:30. The big bonus? The rather handsome brilliant guy whom I LOVE listening to when he presents (due to his ultra sexy British accent) . . . is presenting on Friday!!!! Woo hoo!!! I had no idea he would be here, but it's been 3 years since I've seen him at a conference so I'm planning on getting there early to get a good seat.

Can you all tell that there is a business centre with computers for hotel guests to use? I just love a hotel that caters to my blogging and Facebook addictions.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Away Away!!!!

I am off to Barry's Bay for the choir tour. Some of you will remember last year's tour (too lazy to link, will do it later - still in pajamas and leave in an hour!), which involved dancing at a bizarre but fun club in Peterborough, tequila, and bad flute playing (not in that order). Well, there are no clubs in Barry's Bay. Apparently there is a tavern. It is hunting season in Barry's Bay. Canada is liable to be weeping through town if there are dead deer splayed on the hoods of people's cars. But have no fear, I am bringing my blender and some rum, and Bugle Boy is bringing rum, too. I think we can make a go of it, esp as I have my slutty dance tunes playlist on my iPod (Raindrop was happy to hear that it existed).

Update tomorrow - must go pack the Gatorade and Advil!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bad Feature

Repeat one. Seriously. Both for melancholy, tear-jerking songs as well as for window-shaking dance music. Poor Jazz dog isn't quite sure what to do. There have been several rounds of Everything But The Girl's version of I Don't Want to Talk About It, as well as some wild dancing and vacuuming to Kanye West's Stronger.

Can We Say Addict?

With all that has been going on here this week, it's not surprising that I finally had weird dreams. However, what I dreamt about is the odd part. Not Gerhard et al, but blogfriends. And blogfriends on Facebook. And playing Scrabulous with blogfriends on Facebook. Maggie May is currently kicking my ass in scrabble again (37 point word, hot damn!!). And Lina is still annoyed at my 54 point word, mazy. So if you blog and are on Facebook, yes, I will be your friend. Especaily if you play scrabble with me!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's The Middle of the Week

And my mind is blown. Lunch was good in a rather surreal way. PoD was extremely hungover (out last night with a friend about to go to Afghanistan). Gerhard's totally gorgeous baby was the star of the show. I was late, but PoD called to see where I was (he was early, and feeling rough). I was glad he called since I was running late and A. wasn't sure if he was even coming and B. he was able to tell Gerhard I'd be late. Which he did. Apparently he said "It seems our Canada is running a bit late". The "our" was noticed by Gerhard.

More on lunch later, but I am heading to bed. I am a little overwhelmed at the moment, not because of lunch, but because Gerhard met me for a drink after my flute rehearsal this evening. We talked. I've bared my soul to him before, and got a couple more things out on the table tonight. And forced him to rehash ancient (and not so ancient) crap. But he revealed a couple of things this evening. I completely welled up in the bar (poor Gerhard! He really felt bad). It wasn't a bad thing, though. It made me realize that I was not completely crazy to have read things the way I did, even with misinformation telling me otherwise. And it validated a whole bunch of stuff that I had believed but never been certain about. It was a bittersweet kind of thing. And yes, being the girl that I am, I cried on and off all the way home, with periods of laughter. Damn good thing I was alone in the car!

Monday, November 05, 2007

RBOC, the Weekend Edition

**Went out for a drink with my friend Rea last night. Sadly, it had been two years since I'd seen her, and we live a twenty minute drive away, that's it! Life got a bit hectic when she had her second baby, and also started her real estate course and subsequent work as an agent. Between her schedule, and my crazy work/kids/music schedule . . . well, we finally got it together last night. It was great to see her, and we are planning to get together sooner rather than later next time.

**Yesterday morning, while we were all still in the church, someone managed to get into the choir room and steal money, wallets, and cell phones. Beck was mildly amused that her bag wasn't touched and it was sitting out on the table, not even in her locker. My purse was rifled through, but I keep both my wallet and cell phone in odd spots (phew!!) so nothing of mine was taken. Unfortunately, Diva's wallet was stolen and I think that was the last thing she needed - she's still a student. Gordon was calling the police and making a report. Even though I had nothing taken, I still felt all shaky and violated.

**Saturday was a beautiful day and we went for a hike in Gatineau Park. Corwin and Clara were hilarious, as they had gone with Duncan and his mom a few weeks ago. They were telling Hubby and I the way to go, and what would be there . . . guess they didn't realize that Hubby and I hiked there frequently before they were born! Here are a couple of shots of the mill ruins and the family hike.

**Friday night was awesome. I was a nervous wreck on the way to see PoD. Actually, I had to go to a party beforehand, so I had plenty of time for the stress levels to rise. I told PoD that I would call him when I was leaving the party, and it would be after 9. Well, I actually didn't call on my way from the party. I drove to Weasley and CF's new place (gorgeous!!! They just moved in and it looks stunning!!), and called from the parking lot there. Told PoD I was just leaving and would be about a half hour. Then I got the wardrobe approval from Weasley and CF - kinda sexy, not at all slutty. Actually, when Weasley opened the door to the parking lot, he told me I looked beautiful (awww!). Anyway, had the tour, chatted for a few minutes, and headed to PoD's hotel. I called him when it was in sight, and told him I was going to park. He was already downstairs having a smoke when I called. I managed to park and take a few deep breaths before walking through the hotel to meet him. I was fine as soon as we huggd hello. We decided to go to the place we went last time for drinks. I was a little overwhelmed and messed up my directions a bit but we got there the long way. It was good, we had lots of time to chat while we walked brisky in the chilly night. I was still a bit nervous, but we managed to get a cute table in the front of the bar/restaurant, and ordered drinks. We were there for a couple of hours, chatting about his time in Sudan, and work, and my kids, and just life in general. I did have one tiny noticeable moment of panic. That was when he told me there was a possibility of him moving here. Here, where I live. Same city. He noticed and said "Canada, you look panicked. I promise it'll be okay". And he's right, it would be nice to see him more often. Anyway, two drinks later for me (mojitos), four for him (gimlets), and we wandered back to his hotel. We stood outside while he had another smoke, and then he walked me to my car. He's here until next Thursday, and I may see him again. Probably on Tuesday for brunch with Gerhard. Yep, all three of us together again. Expect an interesting post mid-week!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Insanity Update

I was feeling a bit (bitter? upset? bitchy? sad? hysterical? pissed off? insulted? you fill in the blank, because I'm sure I felt it this week) because I hadn't heard from PoD, except through his FB status updates. I knew he was in Quebec City on Sun and Mon, but I thought he was here on Tues and Wed. And I didn't hear from him, and it seriously messed with my head (as in "what, suddenly we aren't friends anymore/again?" and other ridiculous and paranoid thoughts). Imagine my sheepish reaction upon reading his update on Wed eve: "finished in Quebec City and heading to the Nation's Capital in the morning". Oh. So I am just paranoid and over-emotional. Okay, I figure he's here for two days, so I plucked the brows, picked the outfit (jeans - nice, not too dressy. Shirt - wrap blouse in a periwinkle/dusky purple, hint of cleavage, but nothing that suggests overt sexiness. Shoes - chunky heeled clogs. Jacket - camel coloured suede car coat. Jewellery - wedding band/engagement ring! Silver hoop earrings and three strand necklace with beads in shades of blues, purples, clear, and silver accents). Hair, washed and volumized (B&BW warm vanilla sugar). BPAL - Snake Oil (Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla). I even put on mascara (for those of you who know me, this is maybe a twice a year event). I messaged him when his status announced his arrival, told him I was off to see a client but was downtown for choir so if he wanted to get together for a drink afterwards, to call me on my cell. No messages (FB or otherwise - I have FB mobile because I am that addicted) before choir, but no prob, I figured I would get something by the end (and I left my phone in my choir locker - it's just not cool to have it during rehearsal). And? NOTHING. NO messages, NO voicemail. To say upset is putting it mildly. Beck knew what was going on, but I really didn't want to elaborate to Diva and Bugle Boy as we went out for drinks. A sullen pint of Stella was how I thought the evening would end. And then . . . .the vibrating FB message on my phone. Woo Hoo!

So, PoD is in town until next Thursday. And we are meeting for drinks tonight. Haven't heard where but it will be sometime after 9. I invited Hubby. Hubby declined. Hubby doesn't so much like PoD. The purple shirt is getting washed again. I hope it's dry by this evening. Otherwise, I will have to resort to plan B. And I don't have a plan B yet!!